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the departed

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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    is kinda stupid and really makes bostoners look like dipshits
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    Dregs African Astronaut [that freakishly double-edged allmouth]
    no offence. I HATE YOU. well i can't stand Markie. Leo is good in everything BUT highly overrated. Nicholson is GOD but a Jersian playing a Bostonian is too far of a stretch for me. I do agree with you BUT some of it SOME was really wicked fun...mainly for Nicholson. Baldwin who I like and was good seemed so out of place. Story was good...especially how DiCario ends up...I literally LOL'd at the end with him. Not sorry. Hit and missed great on a lot of the dialogue.

    one part of me rates a 2-3/10 than if you enjoy Nicholson as much as I do I up it to 6-7. Again though a Jersian being Bostonian is a far stretch but he pulls it off for the most part
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    Netflxchillr African Astronaut
    It was a fictional movie... not a docudrama & like most, given a hollywood spin.

    it was a good flick and each of the actors did a great job in their elected roles. I personally, enjoyed Mark Wallburg's character & his interactions with Matt Damon's slime-ball character.

    a most definite recommendation to watch.👍🏻
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    Fox African Astronaut
    Originally posted by A College Professor is kinda stupid and really makes bostoners look like dipshits

    What are you wicked smaht or somethin
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