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    Ajax African Astronaut [rumor the placative aphakia]
    I straddle the line between successful normie and clandestine degenerate on the daily. It always amuses me when someone my age sees something we grew up with for the first time, gets offended, and goes on a rant about its degeneracy on the normie network. Reminds me of how far I’ve come and how far they have to go.

    What was it today that sent the affluent woman in her mid thirties into a fruitless tirade? Let’s just say it was a “shocker.”
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    she didn't appreciate the extra finger
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    CASPER Soldier of Fourchin
    Being current year, you probably already have a police report written up again you for sexual assault.
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    mmQ victim of incest
    I appreciate a good drunk girl because you can tell within minutes what shes really all about.

    Shes either scoffy and eye rolling and superior or shes laughy and smiley and GETS THE BIT.

    If she can take a joke and likes crude humor then blahmo! New friend.

    What are you referring to anyway ajax? What did she get offended by?
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    Ajax African Astronaut [rumor the placative aphakia]
    She saw this on the back of a truck and it pissed her off.

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    WellHung Black Hole
    Why are u such a nigger lover, ajax?
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