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Recommend me a portable bluetooth keyboard to use with my iphone

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    Zanick victim of incest [my p.a. supernal goa]
    I have the iPhone 5C and I'm about to do a full-time courseload with no computer. Believe it or not, after family obligations, bills, car repairs, etc. I don't anticipate that I'll have funds for a decent computer anytime soon. What I want is a portable keyboard that I can remotely connect to my phone (preferably with a stand for display) that will allow me to compose documents and maybe perform other, basic tasks. I'm confident in its word processing capability - I've had great success in writing intensive Summer courses with just a smartphone in the past, but that was only one at a time and now I'm doing two to four at once, so I'd rather itt not be with my thumbs alone. Link me something good! I'll be looking for portabity, user-friendly layout and ease of compatibility. My budget is flexible, but I'd prefer under $50 and can go as high as $110 if you really sell me on a good piece of equipment.
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    SBTlauien African Astronaut
    Have you. considered just getting an OTG cable and connecting a keyboard. I am assuming that you already have at least one keyboard.
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    Zanick victim of incest [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Have you. considered just getting an OTG cable and connecting a keyboard. I am assuming that you already have at least one keyboard.
    It'd be really cool if that would work, the implication being that I wouldn't only be limited to external keyboards but could also combine the computing power of a smartphone with something like an external hard drive or other hardware, but unfortunately the iPhone wasn't designed as such. Anyway, I found out my sister has an old Apple keyboard that she rarely uses, so I guess this thread can be locked unless Lanny thinks it could be useful or if he just ain't about locking stuff. It's not an ideal fix since I still have to perform basic navigation and window switching, but I don't know what more I was expecting because there's no mouse option. It's working great and this might actually be a viable solution for my upcoming semester classes.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    If you're willing to pay $110 for a good keyboard for your phone, why don't you just go online(on your phone) and browse for a second hand laptop or something. These days a new shit tier laptop comes for 300 bucks. You could probably get a used shit tier laptop for half that. If all you're doing is text editing and printing a shit tier laptop will be superior to any phone in my opinion.
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    mmQ Cum Lickin' Fagit
    Yeah what sophey said. I myself have a used shit-tier laptop that I purchased a few months ago for 85 dollars. Aside from a rather slow start up time (like 5 minutes from powered off to home screen loaded everything ready to go) it functions normally and gets the job done. Obviously this is much easier than dealing with a little phone to do all your work. So I'm with the soph on this one. 100 dollar laptop ftgdw.
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    I have a nice logitech bluetooth keyboard. Its designed specifically for android 3.0+ though so it might not work for apple products. Iphones are shit anyway. Scrap it, get and android and get my keyboard.
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    SBTlauien African Astronaut
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    Zanick victim of incest [my p.a. supernal goa]
    Nah, I'm pretty satisfied with this solution. I have a functional bluetooth keyboard acquited at zero cost to me that will work with my iPhone and suit my academic needs. If data loss occurs, I'd prevent absolute ruin by taking advantage of cloud storage and regular backups to a 2004 mac mini. It's not ideal but it should be enough support given my busy schedule. Still, it's clearly not the wisest option even though it's free. I might still put a basic netbook on credit for addes security but hold on my wine is about to spill i balanced it so carefully on a cushioned chair out of sheer laziness so please excuse the sudden interruption and i hope you all understand
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    LiquidIce Houston
    Check out Anker bluetooth keyboards. They go for 20-50$ a pop on amazon. I got one for around 20$ and it's a nice laptop-width keyboard that's super slim, and surprisingly comfortable.
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