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Using leap to move non computers?

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    RestStop Space Nigga
    So I had this crazy idea of putting a wall safe behind a painting/over sized picture, is there any way I could implement something in the frame that I could make leap slide the picture with the flick of Leap? Keep in mind I'm about as computer savvy as a 75 year old, any advice is appreciated.
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    Lanny Bird of Courage
    However un-savvy you are I've got to be worse, I don't even know what leap is blood. I googled it and saw some bus company for SF yuppies.
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    RestStop Space Nigga
    Leap is this type of thing where this pad looking thing captures your hand movements and converts those movements to a computer screen, think of how a demon can just move his hand and people go flying across the room sorta thing. Basically the same thing here only you're hand is over a pad and it's computer commands instead.
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    Merlin Houston
    Never heard of it either. You'd have to use a computer and link a specific motion with something that controls a motor to slide the picture. Arduino comes to mind for this (the motor control), not sure if it's really the best tool for the job. I bet the leap device costs way more money than it's worth to utilize for this one specific task.
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    RestStop Space Nigga
    ^ It's relatively cheap, like $70 U.S. (it's made in Europe) I'm not sure if that makes any difference as it seems to be compatible with windows 8+ products. I've seen 50/50 mixed reviews on it. Half of the people say "oh wow great" and the other half complains it's a pain/flat out doesn't work. You how it goes in the computer world though, some people just want a one step and go and don't want to put in any effort into it. This would take some moderate physical and mental effort, but I honestly don't know where to start. I tired googling everything I could think of and didn't get anything remotely geared toward this subject, thanks for the recommendation, I'll look into the Arduino thing. Also it's sort of a novelty thing I'd use it for and not really for practical use.
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    "Half of the people say "oh wow great" and the other half complains it's a pain/flat out doesn't work. "

    This is a sign that the product is shit.
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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
    aye whatsup brothren eh but yea i heard that that shit is pretty much a pain or non operatonal but the other half the time SHORTY SAYS ITS THE SHIT YOOO. THA HOMIES RESTSTOP AND LANNY....OH HOW I SOMETIMNES LONG FOR DAYS GONE PAST...
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    cryptographiccontrarian African Astronaut
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    leap frog

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    RIPtotse victim of incest [my adversative decurved garbo]
    What about where they implant a chip in ur brain like neurolink?

    Sounds legit.

    I mean they made a munky give fallatio to a tube that pumps banana puree into his mouth if he plays pong good, or plays this other game good.
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