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Laptop bent in the middle/fan is now palpable through keyboard and shooshing cold air back through intake a little

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    this dumb laptop is too weak to now bend/bow in the middle because I use it on my lap 90% of the time and because it's flimsy as hell and that's where my cock gap is, and also I beat on the case because I have problems, what do? Doesn't seem to be causing overheating but Im not like gaming or anything
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    Also, can I add a fan to the left side? It seems like there should be one, the entire bottom is a grille intake, and the entire front is a grille outtake, but only 30% of it is used by one fan on both grilles so 70% isn't which is why is seems to get really hot on the other side since I bought it. maybe there is one but it broke, it is refurbished.
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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    load up minecraft and tell me how many FPS you are getting
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