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Radical leftist nearly machete-executes cop before being gunned down

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    Footage at 0:51
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    The cop who ran and fell should be fired for incompetence.
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Sudo Space Nigga [my hereto riemannian peach]
    a video of him chopping off a pigs head with a machete would be infinitely better

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    thats not a leftist. he held the machete with his right hand.
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    Lanny victim of incest
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    Archer513 African Astronaut
    Probably didn’t hit dude with the lil 9mm

    Ran like a bitch

    A cpl .45 acp to the chest and head. No excuses for not dropping that dude.
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