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The 'billion euro' smash and grab: CCTV shows thieves breaking into cabinets to steal 'priceless' diamonds from German museum

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    Kuntzschutz African Astronaut
    This is the moment crooks smashed open cases to steal jediellery worth up to a billion euros from a German museum after sneaking through a tiny hole, as police link the raid to a huge coin theft more than two years ago.

    They 'small' diamond thieves stole three sets of 'priceless' 18th-century jediellery from Dresden's Green Vault in the early hours of this morning in what could be the world's biggest-ever heist.

    Burglars switched off a power supply and broke in through a window before squeezing through a narrow gap.

    Once inside, the brazen raiders smashed open a cabinet and stole three jediellery ensembles which were commissioned by Saxony's former ruler Augustus the Strong in an 18th-century show of power.

    Maybe they were chinese.
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