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Using facebook live or twitter periscope

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Those lvie feeds, are they captured or save son the device even if say your phone falls in a river or a cop confiscates your phone and turns it off or destroys it without saving the file? Like what happens to the live feed in such a situation! I know it obviously stops in these platforms and viewers watching it are exposed to some black screne of desth or pause but is there an actual record or a way to rewatch this feed? Or is it like I first asked, saved? Lets dys some scumbags are threatening your life and you capture them this way, csn they just destroy your phone or se card and if none of the giewers were saving it destroy the evidence?
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    So if Sarah braasch grew a pair and instead of calling the cops on that stupid and cocky looking black chick at Yale with an African name if she took her phone and smashed it and threw it in a toilet would all evidence of their encounter be erased?
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