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Is the switch getting backwards compatibility ever?

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    DietPiano Naturally Camouflaged
    Yes/no/in the works?

    If no, what are some first party titles coming out everyone is familiar with? I dont care about obscure jrpgs, turn based combat, childrens/stoner games, and indie trash.

    I bought a switch at full price and regret it, if there's no backwards compatability I might as well just sell the dang ol thing because currently there'a no gotta haves
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    6011UM Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Robert for what it has VC dumbass

    Seriously this nigga dumb
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    It's pretty backwards to begin with.
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    the toggle of my switch is compatible with your backside hole.
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    Nintendo Switches are for me old Atari playing mom used to say.
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    Lanny creature of the mesothelioma era
    backwards compat with what? Wii U? No, and who cares. 3DS? Also no.
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    Wariat African Astronaut
    Why not. I care for both.
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    mmQ victim of incest
    What is a switch? Is this nintendo? Do you know what the name of the guy who invented nintendo is?

    Did you ever get a nintendo at Christmas when you were 5? Did you ever get a nintendo 64 at christmas when you were 11 and then immediately take it to your grandma's basement and play it for 8 hours?

    Did you??????
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    Originally posted by Lanny backwards compat with what? Wii U? No, and who cares. 3DS? Also no.

    you're mom.
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