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I dont feel or think I feel bad or the idea of being bad

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Ok so I started thinking while shit posting deunk on here and twitter, remember that chick in zielona gora before I went to berlin who bit my tounge hard? She didnt feel bad right? And did it out of the blue. My fantasy is finding bitches in late 40s or early 50s or preferrably just old enough to be my mom so like 18 yrs older or 53, technologists age, but few still look good this age, but find one, and slap her lightly but not too lightly while she is naked looking st my cock snd telling her look at your man. Not boytoy but your man. Look at your man and bitch add bitch to it while i fulfill my dominating fantasy of them.

    But i should go for it because usually i feel bad even that redhead pesky travels i backed out of slapping her. But if that chick didnt fele bad about biting my lip and went for it why cant I?
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    I also like the idea of a single mom like a redhead being choked by me and shook lightly while i ask her who is the ebst lover shes had. And she is naked and loving it.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    I can see me doing this to a courtney cox or terri hatcher looking slut. Us naked me manhandling her like slapping a bit grabbing the throat hard cock sucking and all that while an hiru earlier she was dresse dup all fancy and posh and trendy and acting like a lady and is now getting face fucked by a guy who looks like he could be her son.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    I may have found one she is 49 though so not really old enough to be my mom any longer. But srill a bitch i can dominate problem is she lives in italy.

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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Smokin hott M9
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    Admin African Astronaut
    OP, are you on drugs?

    I think you should go for young girls and not slap them.
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    CandyRein Black Hole
    Worst thing about this , is I know I’m gonna attract kats like Wario when I get in my 40s and 50s

    I just know it ...
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    a milf WILL blink if you slap her while shes on her knees looking at your cock

    are you a bad enough dude to slap a milf whos on her knees?

    p.s. the most annoying thing about having multiple languages installed on windows, is that I often find myself starting to type something only to notice that its in a different language than I intended.
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