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This guy reminds me of Star Trek

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Anyone agree?

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Im thinking of doing some shit posting myself as I just bought a beer.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    That guy seems pretty awesome tbqh.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    I'm looking forward to Star Citizen too 🌟
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    I like his bad guy persona. Like he is the bad guy of indy gaming.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    and being bad is fun.
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    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Dark Matter [my scoffingly uncritical tinning]
    I don't think he's bad, he just disrupts the status quo.

    Many - or even most - people have a soft spot for anyone who makes life difficult for the powers that be.

    Afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, as some jedi put it.
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    Wariat Dark Matter

    He should do a video about that redhead british chick pesky travels next.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Mr. Smart was born to a British mother and an American father.
    Mr. Smart's mother was white and his father was black. When
    it's mentioned that Mr. Smart appears black, he always seems to
    point out "I come from a mixed origin, I am proud to be whatever
    I am, black, white or mixed." (posted 5/9/97)

    -The American father (now deceased) was career US military.

    -Mr. Smart grew up in England (and still has a very pleasant
    British accent).

    -Mr. Smart as a kid was a computer hacker, writing computer viruses.
    (I'm not making this up. Derek actually said this.) This activity
    foretold the future and predicted BC3K, the biggest virus ever
    produced! Pictures of some buddies that participated in this
    early hacker activity with him were distributed by Derek in the
    Exposed Years.

    THE EARLY YEARS (before BC3K release)
    The main source for this section THE EARLY YEARS (before BC3K release)
    is the 11 page story at the end of the BC3K manual.

    -When Mr. Smart was in London he started working on his game

    -Mr. Smart admits he had no PhD at this point in time. (see Mr.
    Anthology Of A Flamewar - The Last Dance)

    -Mr. Smart moved to the USA in 1989.

    -In October 1992, Derek signed with BC3K's first publisher. In a post
    made before Interplay was announced as a distributor, Mr. Smart said
    that BC3K had a total of 4 publishers (IIRC).

    -By January 1993 the publisher (Intracorp?) had dropped BC3K.

    -By March 1993 another publisher had picked up and dropped BC3K.

    -In early 1993 Derek came out with BC3K demo 3.0. The manual is
    available in the archives/1DerekHistory/1Before1997/93demoManual.txt
    Derek says, "The purpose of this demo is to ensure that GALCOM
    operatives remain confident that this program will be worth the wait.
    A whole bunch of features have been disabled such as trading, docking,

    personnel deployment etc." It seems this is a ploy to claim that
    unimplemented code was just "disabled". It serves Mr. Smart well
    over the years.

    -A new publisher (Mission Studios) picked up BC3K and lots of work
    was done and paid for. But, it was dropped again by the end of 1994.
    This began the search for another publisher to pay off Mission
    Studios and to cover the rest of the development.

    -On May 10, 1995 Three Sixty Pacific announced that they'd signed
    with Mr. Smart to complete BC3K, here's one poster's reaction
    "After seeing the huge demo about a couple years ago (about 12 meg
    or so in many pieces) and all the hype in the readme's, it has made
    me wonder why anyone will pick it up at all. The game just really

    editorial note: You have to hand it to Mr. Smart, he is persistent
    and determined. It's just too bad that such fine attributes have
    been wasted producing such a sad example of gaming. I think it might
    point out a major Mr. Smart weakness, a lack of objectivity that
    leads to lots of other problems including an inability to execute
    to expectations that he has set.

    -360 Pacific didn't last long, by August 1995 Take2 had picked up BC3K
    and paid off Mission Studios.

    -August 1995 Take2 announced "Yes, BC3000AD has been in
    development for a long time (o.k. a really, really long time), but the
    game is in Beta now and it WILL be worth the wait."

    -December 15, 1995 Derek announced "THE RELEASE DATE OF
    (see archive/1DerekHistory/1Before1997/BC3KTardiness.txt) This
    post is also the earliest post I've found where Mr. Smart claims
    a PhD.

    -2/12/96 is the first date I've found for Derek posting on the
    Usenet. Prior to that, he posted very frequently on AOL and I
    think also on Compuserve. Most of the posts in these forums have
    been lost except for some much later posts salvaged by Fthx that
    are available in the archives. There's also a few that were
    cross posted to Usenet by someone else, like the example directly
    above. However, there's plenty of evidence that the flame war was
    going on in AOL, at least, before it spilled over into Usenet.
    Since it was pay by the minute and in it's very own forum, the
    flaming was relatively mild and sporadic.

    -2/16/96 was Mr. Smart's first flame on Usenet, "Here we go again.
    What's the matter with you people." Only a mild one but, a first is
    a first.

    -2/21/96 was Mr. Smart's first Derekism spoken on Usenet,
    "Give me more credit than I am due." The most famous Derekism
    today is probably, Some people have even questioned my insanity.
    But, I never doubt.

    -Sometime before May 1996 Mr. Smart suffered some personal trauma
    or sadness when his wife left him. He said it was because of
    time and effort he'd put into BC3K.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
    April-May 1996 After Mr. Smart botched the agreed upon release,
    Take2 demanded that, if the effort was to continue then,
    responsibility for BC3K would be brought in house.

    -June-Sept 1996 Derek had signed the contract agreeing to give
    control to Take2 but, he didn't cooperate. From Derek's own words,
    it appears he fought them every step of the way. He didn't cooperate
    in modifying the game to fit into the agreed upon schedule. He
    didn't cooperate with his development team's decisions or direction.
    He even worked on a different build than the rest of his team worked
    on. In a following quote from Derek, he even admits that his build
    had a whole bunch of fixes in it that were not in the Take2 build.
    Why hadn't Derek released his fixes to his development team's build?
    He instead played "chicken" with Take2, assuming they wouldn't go
    through with the planned deadline if their build was too pathetic
    unfortunately, he was wrong.

    -September 1996, Mr. Smart allegedly attacked a coke machine at
    Take2 when he was told Take2 was releasing the game anyway.
    Allegedly, security had to escort Mr. Smart off the premises.
    see archives/1DerekHistory/1Before1997/CGWarticleCoke.txt
    A curious note, Mr. Smart still says he didn't find out that
    they really shipped until he went and bought his own copy. I
    don't know why he likes to say this unless, he was so convinced
    that they wouldn't do what they had always said they were going to
    do, that he didn't believe it until he actually went across the
    street from his home and bought a copy of BC3K for himself. If
    that's the case then, it's just another example of the amazing
    blind spots that Mr. Smart can suffer from due to his lack of

    note: In the following months you could always "trigger" Mr. Smart
    by mentioning the "Coke" incident.

    -October 1996 Take2 released BC3K as an incomplete game. My guess
    is that Take2 went through with the release in large part because
    Mr. Smart had not cooperated with the BC3K development team and
    Take2 didn't see any other choice except walking away and taking
    a big lose on the whole deal. I speculate that, part of the rational
    for their decision could have also been that Derek told them he had
    a build with many of the problems already fixed. I think that this
    overall interpretation is the same conclusion reached by Dean
    Gordon in his review of the flame war pointed to in Derek vehemently objected to this
    interpretation then, he put out his story at the end of the manual
    that seems to completely support the hypothesis that he had been
    very uncooperative with Take2 and his own development team.

    THE PATCH AND MANUAL MONTHS (after release but, before exposure)

    -At this point most of the flame war was still not out on Use-net. The

    main topic was of course problems trying to get the game to run and to
    get a manual so the game could be played. However, foreshadowing the
    great fraud discoveries involving Derek, there was the ACAS insanity.
    ACAS was a web site that claimed to be an independent computer game
    Award company and supporter of the gaming industry. The months of
    11/96 and 12/96 involved some fun threads where it seemed to become
    obvious to everyone that ACAS was some kind of front for Derek.
    -This was the start of the "Blame It on Take2" phase of the
    Flame War. Mr. Smart would blame almost everything on Take2.

    -During this period the flame war topics were primarily about
    Derek blaming everything on Take2,
    patches not being done as promised,
    manual not being available as promised,
    general flames being fired back and forth,

    -Mr. Smart did his best to get people to buy and keep the
    DOA game. October 1996 when Usenet posts were just
    starting to make it look like the game might be total junk,
    Derek posted. "Once the patch is released it WILL solve 99%
    of these problems because 50% of them were already solved in the
    version that did not make it to master. It was sitting on the
    Take2 BBS while the company gave the team some days off!! They
    shipped v199z when v199z.4 (I think) was sitting on the Take2
    BBS. The MASTER version was to be v1.00a. The patch will clearly
    display the versions as we go along."

    -November 12, 1996 Derek posted (on AOL)
    "RE:patch d
    This patch will be a major patch which marks (a) the completion of
    the game's missing features, ie orbital flight model, probe ORBSCAN
    logic and fixes several bugs in the space and surface models. Any
    problems found with the version will be fixed and a final BC3K
    v1.1 will be released at the END of November."
    see archives/1DerekHistory/1Before1997/ClassicMrWoody.txt
    note: The D patch actually came out in October 1997. Version
    1.1 was renamed to 2.0 and is being released by Interplay as
    a bargain bin title packaged with another game.

    -As I understand what went on in AOL and Compuserve, Mr. Smart was
    a laughing stock and the center of the flame war in these forums.
    The main body of the flame war moved from AOL and Compuserve into
    Usenet during this period as the AOL and Compuserve forums were
    discontinued and Derek modified his posting habits. However, some
    input from some folks that actually observed the AOL or Compuserve
    exchanges would be very appreciated. This is interesting for two
    reasons. First, it further establishes this flame war as the biggest
    and longest in history. Second, Mr. Smart seems fond of the
    misconception that the flame war was about Take2 botching the
    release of the game. You may reference the following directory
    for posts that were made to Usenet but indicate to me the flame
    war was going strong before it ever moved to Usenet.

    -12/96 As an example of how nasty it was getting, someone started
    up a thread titled 'Derek buttfucks sheep'.

    -As the flame war moved to Usenet, the flame war topics were centered
    around things like where is the promised FAQ? Where is the promised
    manual? Derek blaming everything on Take2. Derek claiming that he
    didn't get paid by Take2. (A report filled by Take2 with a federal
    overseeing agency contradicts this.) Derek insulting customers.
    Derek insulting bystanders. Derek proving he could be a most
    entertaining fellow, at least when he didn't want to be. Derek
    claiming he warned people the game wasn't playable from the
    beginning. Derek saying he only flames in self defense. Derek
    telling his customers in Europe they wouldn't be supported then
    denying he ever said that.

    -1/97 Most of the threads were about the horrible reviews that
    BC3K received.

    -2/97 After a big lull in the flame war because people just
    weren't that interested in the crappy game and the initial
    outrage at being ripped off had died done, Derek moves his
    flaming to Use-net starting this month and the Use-net flame
    war really starts to pick up steam.

    -2/97 The C4 patch meant the game was kind of playable. The problem
    now was that there was no manual. Most of the complaints were
    now about the manual and really dedicated fans were starting
    to drop like flies. Also, because of record returns, many
    places had BC3K in the bargain bins already.

    -2/16/97 Mr. Smart said, "I would like to assure you AND give you my
    personal guarantee that my midnight on 3/01/97 a complete manual in
    Word 7 and Adobe Acrobat format (which I am currently wrapping up)
    will be online at". It was
    never available in Word format. A "preview" manual was available
    in August 1997. The complete manual was finally made available
    months later, January 1998.

    -2/20/97 Mr. Smart makes some racist insults against an oriental
    and all hell breaks loose. (see TOEFL posts in FamousFlames)

    -2/97 Derek's best quote of the month, "Again, let me apologize
    to all orientals who were offended by my post. The rest of you
    can kiss my ass if you think I'm racist."

    -2/97 & 3/97 This was also the wonderful pre-Europe release period.
    During this period, Mr. Smart firmly established Derek bashing as
    an international pass time. There were brief periods of time he
    said the European release wouldn't be supported. He said the
    European release would be dud units and you wouldn't be able to
    patch them with his patches. For some reason he seemed to be
    especially hostile to the earliest European customers and managed
    to recruit a number of long term naysayers.

    -3/16/97 Derek had a run in with some magazines. In particular one
    magazine (Boot) even printed an article where experts stated that
    the neural net in BC3K was a lie. This caused Mr. Smart to go off
    the deep end and in email, threaten physical violence against the
    author. As part of Derek's on-line response, he made a post in which
    he waved his PhD in their faces and said that if they wanted more
    detail about how it worked, they should have looked up his
    dissertation because, it's published and available. He said they
    should do their homework, it avoids so many hassles latter. This
    proved important later as Derek's biggest known lie, his PhD,
    started to unravel. see

    -3/97 Derek's best quote for month, "It does NOT need support because
    it works!"

    -In this early period of 1997 a statement that Mr. Smart allegedly
    made in the AOL forum that he had spent 3.5 million dollars of his
    own money developing BC3K made it into the Usenet record via a
    thread involving Mark Asher, Derek Smart and someone else.
    On 2/22/1997 Derek said, "If they think, this game has not cost me
    $3.5 over the past 7 years, someones got a faulty Pentium chip in
    their brain."

    -4/97 Derek had established himself as a real nut and there was
    getting to be more flames about Derek than about BC3K. The C5
    patch was delivered without the promised manual. The manual
    became a VERY touchy subject. It had replaced coke machines as
    the easiest why to get Derek to explode.

    -4/97 Derek's best quote of the month, "The best defense is a
    crippling, definitive and unceremoniously cruel offense. After
    all, I am under military command and I don't plan on running
    for diplomatic office."

    -5/97 Derek's top quote of the month, "Is it me or are you just
    oozing with stupidity? The BC3K fame directed at US the gaming
    community for crying out load. Do I have to spell it out for you?
    Yet YOU can tell ME I have a communicating problem? I least
    when I lay it on you, you seem to understand quite well what I'm
    saying. Go figure."

    -6/11/97 Derek was saying he could re-release BC3K on his own if he
    wanted to. Where would he get the million to do this? "I can raise
    a close to a million in a week if I did the paperwork. ...
    Besides, I don't need a million to publish BC3K."

    -6/14/97 Derek said, "I got a $175k loan back when I didn't even have
    BC3K 25% finished. I'm still paying off this loan if you must know."

    -6/97 Derek's best quote for the month, "Perhaps one day in the
    future, I'll do a manual. But for now, I'm too busy doing add-ons
    for an unstable and still partially unfinished game to worry about
    something as trivial as a manual."

    -During this period, Mr. Smart hatched his pay for the final patch
    plan. After overwhelming cries of foul from customers, Mr. Smart
    eventually reconsiders.

    -Summer 97 The C5 patch was done in April apparently in preparation
    for the demo in the CGW. This sparked some good laughs. Among them
    was a Derek statement that CGW was having an extra big problem with
    CD thefts out of the mag because people wanted BC3K so bad. Another
    episode was a Derek statement that CGW messed up the patch he gave
    them and someone from CGW posted the exact email directions from
    Derek and he had messed up the directions.

    -8/6/97 Derek posts what is probably the most vile post I've ever
    seen, the infamous piss in mouth flame.
    see archives/1NotSoSmartPosts/1FamousFlames/PissInMouth.txt
    This lead to me wondering if there might be a way to rid the news
    group of this scourge. I thought that Mr. Smart was possibly a
    pathological liar. I remembered someone from my past with that
    affliction. I learned I couldn't trust a word they said. When they
    made a statement that put them in a favorable light, I could almost
    count on it being a lie. Previously, I'd noticed that Derek had
    not responded to queries about his PhD. That had always seemed
    strange to me because I'd rarely seen him pass up a chance to brag.
    But, I had always just dismissed it as maybe Derek just didn't see
    the post. However, at about this same time, Derek had responded
    to a medical doctor that had asked about his PhD. Derek said,
    "What's it to you? Still struggling with your high school
    diploma????" (see
    Putting it all together, I concluded that his PhD was probably fake.

    -8/8/97 I fire the first volley in the PhD wars.
    I say that I believe the PhD is probably a fake and I challenge
    Mr. Smart to name his school. For good measure, I threw in some
    old fashion goading to make sure he didn't just ignore the post
    then, I leave for a two week vacation.
    see archives/1DerekHistory/1PostPhDFraud/phdWarFirstVolley.txt

    note: the source for all Derek Smart posts in the following stuff
    up to Derek Smart Fraud Day is

    -8/9/97 Derek responds with a bet to my challenge. I'm sure he
    was hoping to distract the whole issue with this red herring bet.
    Another thing that made this day interesting in the flame war is it
    is the day that Derek stopped calling his flame war antagonists
    naysayers and started calling them detractors.

    -8/22/97 I guess all the stress of wondering whether his fraud would
    be exposed got to Derek? Or, maybe he thought he could get rid
    of the rest of the detractors by flaming? In any case, his posts got
    even more vicious. It got to be so bad that this day was declared to
    be the first official "DEREK-SMART-SAYS-FUCK-YOU DAY".

    -8/25/97 I return from vacation and I'm excited to see what I
    interpret to be, a Derek running scared and I'm convinced, more
    than ever, that Mr. Smart is a fraud. After barely being able to
    survive the uncontrollable laughter due to Nai-Chi's FAQ, I shrug
    off Derek's bogus bet, state why I believe that Derek doesn't have
    a PhD and say "I will promise to never again post an article to a
    Derek Smart or a Battle Cruiser thread again if your PhD is confirmed.
    My last Derek Smart post would be a public apology for calling you
    a habitual liar."

    I then visited the technical librarian at my work and asked her to
    get me a copy of Mr. Smart's dissertation. All I told her was that he
    went to a school in the USA or England and that his dissertation was
    on Artificial Intelligence. When she stated that it would cost about
    $75 to get a copy, I told her, "Well, let's take a look at the
    first before we decide to order it." I the
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    we need more real people like MORALLY SUPERIOR BEING, I can't stand at work how everyone constantly talks about jeff bezos and steve jobbs constantly like their gods
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    kroz weak whyte, frothy cuck, and former twink
    like even to day we'ere still having cucks randomly screech CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE MUELLER REPORT?!
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