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Gonna mod a Macbook Pro 2012 soon.

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    filtration Houston
    SO, I already have a MBP newer than 2012, but I am going to buy a cheap 2012 version and do/try to do the following:

    - Upgrade Ram 16gb (easy)
    - Full dissasemble and clean the whole case/mobo of dust (Easy)
    - Rethermal the CPU (easy)
    - Create an RGB style backlit keyboard with celophane (hardish)
    - Potentially replace the non retina screen with a retina screen (really not sure if possible; worth a try)
    - Change the apple logo to a red one, with celophane (hardish)
    - Vinly the back case to some matte black/space grey type vinyl (medium)

    Keep up-tp-date, as I update this shit over the coming weeks/months.
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    filtration Houston
    Aight, it's coming this week, updates soon. Got a 1tb ssd... All that pron
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