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Meal replacement/protein bar

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    I don't always get enoug protein because I don't eat meat everyday, so sometimes I need a BOOST, and what I find is the best bar is called Fit Crunch. They have a bunch of flavours, and they're all really good. I tried Pure Protein bars for comparison, and those are gaggy and bad. I can choke em down, and I had a couple boxes, but they're bad.

    It's called a SEVEN LAYER BAKED BAR by some famous guy I don't know or care about, and they're like 50% more expensive than the competitor, but they also have 30g of protein instead of 20g and they still somehow taste better, so it's a good value. You can get them for $2 each instead of $3 online.
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    Number13 African Astronaut [dispute my snotty-nosed seagull]
    All the protein bars I've had have generally been shit, just get some ON double choc and mix it with milk my dude.
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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    buy cube steaks theyre cheap and proteined
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    larrylegend8383 Space Nigga
    Yeah whey protein mixed with milk all day even on your birthday. Happy Birthday Dietbro.
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    Soi tastes better
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    mashlehash victim of incest
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