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Donkey kong kountry tropical freeze

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    Wariat Dark Matter
    Holy shit I just started playing this on my wiiu and using the gamepad itself not tv with my good headphones. I got to say this was one of my greatest gaming experiences in years. Maybe of all time. Brought me back to the 90s when I first got a super nintendo. Donkey kong country 1 was the game that came with my super nintendo around the time i was 12 I got mine and it was my first system. I mean you cant even get this experience anymore in terms of platformers. The way donkey kong moves in the water its so entertsining snd realistic at the same time.

    At the same time I started tot ruly see how powerful the wiiu is and its potential. It also made me wonder, how far do you have to be from the system to tether? Is it based on the router or wifi or is it infrared or something? Wow this is a great portable system or an inn between all onto its right.
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    Wariat Dark Matter
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