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A frypan is not a wok

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    Get a wok. You won't be sorry.

    A frypan is good for things like steak, fish, large flattish things.

    Think of it as an upside down broiler. With oil.

    A wok is so much more. All that heat gets concentrated in the bottom of it. All the liquids congregate in one area. Tossing small sized ingredients around in there gets even cook rates, and the well of liquid allows you coat everything easily and evenly with sauce.

    A frypan is not a substitute for a wok.

    Get a wok and watch the improvements in the quality of meals you make skyrocket.

    A simple sauce (you can use this in the fry pan):

    When using meat:

    Just add water. A small amount. The fats from the meats will combine with the water. Boil off enough water so that the whole thing thickens.

    When using vegetables:

    Water and corn flour. The corn flour should be mixed with the water first. You only need a teaspoon or two of cornstarch. Reduce the water amount and it thickens.

    Flavour ideas:

    BBQ sauce added to water
    Soy sauce added to water
    Salt added to water
    Crushed garlic added to water
    Ginger added to water
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