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Petition to ban Poast

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    OMGPLZUNBAN Tuskegee Airman
    His jokes aren't funny and are mostly based off of hurting/targeting someone, (Lanny), or racism. His new Martin Luther King shtick isn't funny or original. It's bottom of the barrel scraping.

    I'm hoping one day he finds a barrel. Let's weed out the people we don't want around so we can have a great time. Some other poster started the longest thread on the internet and it's pretty fun in there. There's free 100% custom LOLcats and everything! Check it out!
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    Poast Houston
    This is classic OMGPLZUNBAN everyone. He waltz’s in here flaunting his custom lolcats like he’s hot shit, nobody is impressed, so he calls me crying about how his existence is meaningless and all his old friends hate him. Naturally I try to improve his perspective by bro’ing out with him and making fun of MLK. We have the best of times on the phone until his girlfriend cucks him into “watching a movie” so he hangs up on me. Minutes later he posts this thread, back stabbing me, trying to act card (which he isn’t even) and sending me the link, literately laughing maniacally in my face that he has no loyalty. The whole “lolcat” shtick is just a front for what a miserable peice of shit he is. I’ll never stop falling for this tho because he’s my buddy and it ain’t easy having pals.
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    From what I can tell OMG is being completely rational and you don't sound like a real nigga.
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    Greenspam African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Poast

    Umm.. yur saying OMG is the mighty duck's coach

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    OMGPLZUNBAN Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Greenspam Umm.. yur saying OMG is the mighty duck's coach


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    That's our alt
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    Greenspam African Astronaut
    Is this about the breakfast club's athlete or Poast?
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    Kuntzschutz African Astronaut
    These motherfuckers need a hobby
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