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Bad for Society

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    We often are exposed to such phraseology as:

    Bad for society
    Anti social behavior
    A stain on the fabric of society

    And we instantly understand the intended meaning of such terms. When we hear those types of things, we think of people, groups and acts that are selfish, indifferent to the well-being of other or otherwise not welcome by society as a whole.

    These types of words commonly come from government departments, such as police, criminologists and the other cool kids we need to look up to, explaining to us what is right and what is wrong and what the cool kids want the world to look like.

    So far it looks like this. The cool kids, such as sociologists and criminologists, whilst accepting it is justifiable and proper for us to fund the government through taxation and to go to prison if we do not, are crafting a society as follows:

    *The strong need to be suppressed and the majority need to be reigned in by the minority. You can see this with equality laws and other such enforceable policies designed to allow transgender individuals and political minorities to be hyper sensitive and direct the expression of other people in society. The strong, the normal, need to have their natural, unthinking reactions to different controlled by the creation of a hyper legislated society.

    This serves the purpose of creating a docile population that is easier to control. Step out of line and you experience academic penalty at school or your career is affected at work.

    Prior to this, it was the other side of the coin. Patriotism was the order of society and minorities and dissenters were to be squashed and outcast. Groups like socialists were controlled in such a way to prevent communists having social and political influence. This type of propaganda is now being used against Budweiser Bob who likes to see pretty woman in lipstick and experiences cognitive dissonance when he sees a man doing it on TV. This is not an enemy of the state. But still Budweiser Bob needs to be controlled like a farm animal. I guess you could call it the circus - the natural expression of the human animal used against it to make it walk on two legs so it feels accepted by its herd of strange different species of animals that is is forced to exist with.

    This is how we are seen by the government.

    Let's now talk about bad for society in the context of drugs.

    We are told to accept drug pushers are the worst people in existence. They don't care about anyone and are destroying the fabric of society.

    Again let's recall where these types of statements come from and contrast that to the fabric of the society they refer to.

    The fabric of society looks as follows:


    Go to school (create institutionalisation)

    Go to work (further institutionalisation)

    Pay your taxes

    Pay your bills

    Have your value as a human and your success in life be based upon your ability to conform in order to mask your insecurities and be cool. Spend money on expensive clothes so you are a better person. Still work 9-5, but get equally as drunk on more expensive beer. Still cook dinner on the stove, but have a marble bench top to show your value as a person.


    And that's it. That's the fabric of society. Buy the most expensive things you can afford to be cool keep the world turning. Be preoccupied by work and the rat race so real issues haven't time to register in your mind. Be controlled at work by "women" who stand up to piss to ensure that you have to think very carefully before you talk, essentially like a slave driver with a whip, to guarantee a docile and submissive social fabric.

    Now what are drug dealers? Well, you might be thinking of the Mafia and the Cartels, but consistently they are untouchable and have shady government connections keeping them in business. Let's talk about the guy working in a warehouse driving a forklift, who sells on the side to help him be able to afford a weekend at a club.

    Yeah that monster.

    Out there destroying the fabric of society.

    By trying to generate wealth to enjoy one day of freedom per week. By trying to make available to you these very strong mind altering substances that let you escape the rat race for a night.

    This guy is a hero! We are told his life needs to be destroyed and that he is the bad guy. He is offering a short escape for those who truly can't cope with the life we have forced upon us.

    Now why is he so bad? Let's discuss other groups that have been described in the same way, in years past.

    Communists. Subversive Communists infiltrating society with their evil methods.

    Who were these domestic enemies that were equated with communists?

    Trade unionists. Worker advocates. People who wanted you to have freedom from wage slavery.

    The government and media were calling these people soviet sympathisers. The soviets were forcing everyone in to factories and enacting conscription. These trade unionists were not like that. But we were told they were.

    Why were they monstered so badly?

    Because they threatened the fabric of society. They were enemies of the state. They threatened the ability for the government to maintain brainwashing against innocent people to the extent that conscription would work and people would die for these lies in battle.

    So are drug dealers really that bad?

    The government wants you to live a life of slavery and will use your taxes to buy bombs. The government will spend taxes to pay the salaries of people whose job it is to investigate, infiltrate, surveil and disrupt individuals and groups who are a threat to the fabric of society.

    The government demands you fund their all expenses paid trip to eternal damnation.
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    Sir, this is a McDonalds.
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    If you're not going to order anything I'm going to have to ask you to get out of the drive thru, we have other customers waiting.
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