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How were we able to machine things and make molds for cars, aeroplanes, and other things before computers

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    How did they make molds for like, engines back in the 1800s when engines require things to be so so perfect down to very very small measurements for the moving parts to work correctly? How about on aeroplanes, and how did they get the molds so perfect to begin with? How were machines able to machine other machines back before computers could set everything to the exact measurement?

    Trains, man TRAIINNNSS!

    this reminds me of a certain chapter of Atlas Shruggd
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    It's all a clever lie. The veil has been pulled over your eyes... the machines have always been running things.
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    have you seen those handmade wooden plane propellers ?
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    Infinityshock would know the answer to this

    Curse you lanny
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    yea ,

    shame on you lanny.
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