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Jeff Hunter Did 9/11

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    Ghost Black Hole
    I'm working on a book that may or may not entirely consist of all totse2k1/beigewarlock/theworldisn'tyours posts

    look for it on amazon for the upcoming holiday season

    Originally posted by BeigeWarlock It's not a false narrative nor do I feel I am spreading false rumors. too many connections. And like I said, he just needs to admit he black listed me for employment. He was actually a pretty cool guy the years prior. I found him bright and funny and quick wit. but that was a horrible fucked up thing he did. he made his threats happen. and here you have a guy saying he works for the CIA and knows him? and is telling me I'm wrong? I mean why would a CIA guy know a man who offered information on conspiracies, ufo cases known to be factual through FOIA and lastly.. the Canadian kid who blew his legs off from "BAD IDEAS" or "KAFUCKING BOOM" or whenever he got it.. I mean according to Jeff Hunter "Hey, anyone could go down to any library and get the same information". somehow I feel that was never true. Since the library didn't have self publish "How toos". so what is your reason for being friends with him, Mr CIA Man (Woman :? )
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
    I'm responsible for 11/3
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    Nice thread you have here,

    I must say, I am just wrapping up watching the 2019 Fast & Furious movie, and I am a bit confused.

    I do not typically watch movies as they're the works of the devil, but I guess I was just bored.

    I thought that the F&F movies were about fast car races? What the fuck did I just watch?

    What is your wisdom, scrawny?
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    Ghost Black Hole
    The old ones are better. I like the one where he's an undercover cop and shows up to races in cars seized by the police. Also the one where they have a race to see who can smuggle guns over the border faster
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    One time I went to a movie theatre that serves alcohol inside the actual showing. I went because my wife and sister were gonna go, and I figured I could just sit back with some beers and watch over them.

    We watched a stupid movie called "us".

    At one point in the movie, soulless nigger mutants from the sewers invaded a black american families house with the intent of killing them. The mutants were hovering over the black family with knives and shit, telling their life story of living in the sewers. The mutants looked all fucked up, and had hoarse, shaky voices. They spoke all fucked up.

    After the mutants told their story, one of the black americans asked "what are yoU?", to which one of the mutants said "we are AMERICANS" with a wild look on its face.

    I lost my shit and couldnt stop laughing for the next hour of the movie. My sister found this hilarious too. I could not tell you what happened during the rest of the movie because I literally laughed so hard that I was crying, for an entire hour.

    Please advise.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    That's pretty funny LUL

    reminds me of this

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    Ghost Black Hole
    this is a real great american novel

    Originally posted by Fuck Your World This is Why Jeff Hunter worked for Ray Dalio who is the Billionaire who outsourced America for his own cult of Transcendental Meditation and Full Transparency rule you had to be apart of In order to work for him.. At least if you wanted to move up in Bridgewater Assoc.

    James Comey sharing full Transparency?I

    Maybe for Ray but did he for Clinton's email doings, server and the 4 Dead CIA?

    Not all CIA are dark ops murderers who sell out America. It's Clinton "Compartamental" ??
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