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BradleyB's Old School Runescape Thread

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    Bradley Houston
    Started playing Runescape again.

    I'm using my Old School Runescape Account which was originally a shits and giggles pure I threw a little bit of money into it.

    A pure has a low combat level because it has no defense, this allows me to attack well rounded characters in the wild and win.

    For instance- 40 attack, 45 strength, 40 defense, 40hp, 43 prayer, would be like level 70 combat whereas 40 attack, 99 strength, 1 def, 40 hp, and 43 prayer owuld have the same combat level. This would make the 1 def player hit alot harder which has the advantage GREATLY over the defense player.

    So I worked on it for fun.

    I never even bothered using it in the wild or fighting other players with it.

    Since I gave away most of my shit in Runescape3 and wanna try something new I'm playing the 2007 version of Runescape popularized as Old School Runescape.

    I'm making it into a main (leveling all the levels), 07 is a lot harder than rs3 so my gains won't be as rapid and if you die you lose all but 3 items.

    I only have about 3m worth of shit on 07 so I'm starting pretty fresh.

    These are my stats and my bank:

    2.2m cash, cannons like 800k, and the gilded blue mage robes are also like 500k I think. Give or take about 3m

    71 Magic is huge for combat, the 62 Smithing isn't bad either for money making. The defense is gonna go through the roof though.

    You get like 1-4 points per quest, usually 2 depending on how long it was.

    Here's the Quest List I'mma make a goal to get done (I waited way too long to start doing quests on RS3 so I wanna do these while the rewards are still worth it).

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    Bradley Houston
    Day 1:
    11/2/15 Starting my Questing
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    Bradley Houston
    Update: So I've been questing probably for about 12 hours. Things are going great, I'm just straight killing these quests. They used to be really hard for me, for some reason 07 is just so much straight forward. I'm actually ENJOYING the same things in Runescape3 I hated.

    Trying to make friends, but I've only managed to get liek 1 or 2.

    All the quests I have done (plus a couple that I did before starting this guide) are on the left.

    This is why I'm so happy, my buddy upgraded all my drivers and started getting my peak performance with some dual screens, and gave me the screen!

    Gonna keep working on quests for awhile. Report back later.
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    Bradley Houston
    So my accounts going good. I've leveled combat enough to where I can wear Rune Armor and wield a Rune Schimitar. I'm going for 60 attack so i can begin using dragon weapons.

    My quest points stand at 87 and I'mma do two here in a little bit. Really knocking out my Runescape goals.

    Taking my levels up a bit as well:

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    Your making me wanna start playing again damn I had 99 WC def cooking and magic
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    Bradley Houston
    Play OSRS it's content added but still the same gameplay you loved before Jagex ruined it.
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    Bradley Houston
    And you can be my friend and we can go into the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and work on our roleplay levels if that's cool.
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    Do you play on a member server? Im gonna log on today and check it out
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    Does my account not transfer over to osrs I logged In and I'm in tutorial island?
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    And you can be my friend and we can go into the Blue Moon Inn in Varrock and work on our roleplay levels if that's cool.
    Whats you username?
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    Bradley Houston
    Odinist, and no your account doesn't transfer OSRS/RS3 are too distinct games. I'll help you get started tho.
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    Odinist, and no your account doesn't transfer OSRS/RS3 are too distinct games. I'll help you get started tho.
    Alright I added you I'm pretty noobish right now and I'm not a member
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    Bradley Houston
    Become a member, can you afford 7.95$ a month? It's well worth it.
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    I think I still have some shit on my OldSchool account, I started back again like two years ago with fuckbiscuit for shits and giggles then promptly abandoned it. I doubt it's much but if there's anything of value consider it yours.
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    Sorry Brad I didn't have shit but 50 sharks and 25 Varrock teleports, gave em away to the first dude I saw next to me in the bank since that's chump change for you.

    I got some party hats but those are trash on Oldschool.
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    Bradley Houston
    Good to hear from you PoC. I haven't posted in about two weeks because some of the community's straight up lack of interest in my threads. I know it's my fault for shit posting, but I'll just leave a brief update.

    I'm worth about ~9 million in items/cash. I hit my goal of 70 attack, so I can use an Abyssal Whip. My goal of questing has been a little lacking, but I guess that's because between Thursday to Wednesday I only played about two hours (total).

    I stand at a couple milestones after ~ 25 days of playing:
    -1038 Total Levels
    -125 Quest Points
    -Met some alright people including Sir Splashy Sea Turtle (from this thread who plays actively).

    So in short accounts going good, right now I'm getting a prerequisite for a quest I'm going to do tonight (already did three today :) )

    Trying to think of some good money making methods to do before I can start bossing, but really I'm just hella digging the game.

    My levels as of the writing of this post:

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    Bradley Houston
    First pic didn't turn out so I close up my stats.

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    vagrant Yung Blood

    hadn't logged on in like a year but this thread and another one prompted me to hop back on. i forgot how great this account was. 87 agility, 48 quest points, etc. all on ultimate iron. crazy.
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    Bradley Houston
    I don't play this gay ass shit no more
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Brrrrrrraaaaaaddllleeeehh beee!!!!
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