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Anyone been playing Terraria since the 1.3 update?

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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
    Things I wish I had known as a noob:

    1.) Farm the Eye of Cthulhu for the binoculars once you can comfortably beat him. Those combined with the spelunking potion are great for ore mining. + hunter's potion for farming rare monsters for drops.
    2.) Build a good arena, they are important.
    3.) Save all the materials you need for the ankh shield and (true) night's edge.
    4.) Teleporters are useful. Don't neglect the mechanic's items, they're fun to play around with and for optimization.
    5.) Don't neglect the fishing quests, some items are useful, as well as some fish for potions and health.
    6.) Get the molten pickaxe before hardmode, it's the only one that can mine the first new ore.
    7.) Take a miming potion and build a hellavator.
    8.) Don't neglect corruption/crimson containment, especially in expert mode, even moreso once hardmode begins. Although the clentaminator makes cleanup easy once it's available after the first mechanical boss is beaten.
    9.) Don't avoid goblin armies once hardmode begins, the summoner drops some great items.
    10.) Yoyo bag makes yoyos awesome weapons.
    11.) Quick stack money in a piggy bank/safe, don't be lazy, you'll need it.

    Already beaten Skeletron Prime (definitely the easiest) and The Destroyer on expert mode. Think I beat both on my first try with full health, it's easy with good gear, a strategy, and an arena. Nearly had the twins but I had trouble focusing on one and they both went into their second stage.

    Lanny, let's compare architectural taste once you're far enough into the game. I haven't focused on building a house purely centered on aesthetics yet, but here are some things I've played around with.

    My obsidian house segment. Shining Moon is my favorite painting, along with Starry Night, Land, Lake of Fire, and Something Evil is Watching You.

    Arena. Also made some automatic meteorite brick doors. The teleporters are automatic too.

    Dapper smooth granite suite, with golden furniture from the Pirate Invasion.

    Toggleable sign with rainbow blocks from the rainbow slime I hunted.

    Oh, I should add a disco ball and connect it to one of the levers.
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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
    My creations:

    Mysterious temple. Rainbow blocks and walls encased in crystal blocks, with a crystal block wall segment in the center, rainbow torches and campfire, and automatic doors with actuators and pressure plates, in an above ground mushroom biome. Very nice trippy effect.

    After getting whooped by expert mode Duke Fishron I was worried Golem would be harder than expected, but it was easy as piss with the vampire knives from the biome chests in the dungeon. Never came near death. Felt great to be able to farm him and make bank. The Lunar Cultist was also surprisingly very easy this time.

    Farmed Martian Madness and got every item I wanted. The martian saucers spawning seems to be a bit finicky, but if you keep killing them without dying they usually start sending one right after the other, which is great because they have the only worthwhile drops. Hiding under a ceiling, I use the bathroom below the Hom(e/o) sign, is the key, from there my stardust dragon minion and a yoyo I send out from a door I added on the left side make it easy.The Cosmic Car Key is definitely the best mount item. Anti-gravity hook is also useful. It's currently the only event that can't be manually summoned, but this works great, very easy to get a probe. The lihzard bricks increase the spawn rate to that of the jungle, and the water candles increase it even further. Added teleporters so you can quickly trigger new spawns by moving out of range.

    Then I took on the moon lord and there's no way you're likely to win in a standard melee fight. My arena didn't cut it. I made this perfected moon lord killer based off a template I saw, but already had the idea from using an abandoned minecart track in the jungle against Plantera and seeing how great it worked.

    I had teleporters at the ends, but never used them, so I altered it; also had reverse direction booster tracks to slow down before teleporting, which I removed as well. Also never use the levers to open up the ceiling, the solar eruption passes through blocks and works great. Added that feature to be able to try out other weapons against him, with the ends covered for protection, and the center as a shelter to duck into if needed. If I ever used it, I would do something similar for the bottom so I could target his heart once it opens.

    Works fantastic for farming him. Now I've pretty much beaten the game, which is always a melancholy moment, but I still want to get all his drops and dick around with building some things for pleasure.
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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
    4 image max?

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    Lanny ur mum
    4 max seems low, remind me to change that at some point.

    Also holy niggerdick, I thought I had seen most the content as I approached the end of hadcore. I fucking love that games like this exist, gives me faith in the shitty industry that is game dev, that there are still people who give enough of a shit to make a game where like 60% of the players will never see even half the content.

    Do you have a preference between wikis? I noticed there are two and quality of content seems variable but I never really notice which I'm on so I assume one is just shittier than the other.
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    Malice Naturally Camouflaged
    *sigh* My obsessive need to consume made it end too soon. There was literally nothing left for me to do, I didn't have the urge to build things just for the aesthetics.

    Gamepedia seems to be the better one. I read the entire list of items:
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    *sigh* My obsessive need to consume made it end too soon. There was literally nothing left for me to do, I didn't have the urge to build things just for the aesthetics.

    Gamepedia seems to be the better one. I read the entire list of items:
    There's still the Christmas event to look forward to, unless you changed your computer's date settings like a munchkin.
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