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My nephew's big scheme,

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    G Houston
    My nephew's been staying w/ me for a few weeks as he sorts out his schooling(college) living arrangements etc. Well he's got this big plan to buy a pound of CBD hemp flowers/bud for $375 then sale ounces for 150-200. The shit looks & smells like potent herb but it has minimum THC to keep it legal. He plans on dealing w/ strangers so no worries on recourse etc.

    I told him don't be flipping that shit anywhere near my house though lol. He had a ounce on him tonight & that shit is indistinguishable from some proper smoke. It's called "suver haze" I told him as popular as the vape culture & CBD is just sale it like $100 per ounce straight up, I see shops advertising quarter ounces for like $40 for fucking hemp flower lol. But he wants quick profit, this will be entertaining to watch from the side lines for sure lol. Here's the shit he's buying.

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    Technologist victim of incest
    He better hope he doesn’t get shot up or his ass beat. Just saying.
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    G Houston
    We shall see lol. I find it hard to believe these vape shops selling hemp bud for like $12 per gram shit @ that he can cake up selling it as straight up CBD lol. Even if he charged $100 per ounce he's still killing @ $375 a pound.
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    Technologist victim of incest
    Greed will get cha in the end. But carry on.
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    G Houston
    Originally posted by Technologist Greed will get cha in the end. But carry on.

    I hope he fucking kills & gets enough $ to move the fuck out of my house lol. 2 mo.'s have felt like a decade. Dead serious I don't want that shit anywhere near my house or vehicles if I find out differently I'm going to beat that ass.
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    CASPER Soldier of Fourchin
    Most people know hemp bud is a thing now. It looks, feels, and smokes different too. I dont smoke THC anymore so i have a bunch of hemp bud. Its distinguishable.
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    Sudo African Astronaut [my hereto riemannian peach]
    that's crazy, why doesn't he jus sell outdoor weed? That stuff looks better but you'll actually get repeat business. having to find 16 different people to rip off for an ounce every flip is stupid and juvinile. Better off just flipping lbs since then it's just 1 person mad at you.

    Also you can buy Chinese THC and turpines now so he might as well infuse it with that
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    Ghost Black Hole
    thats not a white persons hand!
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    Fonaplats Dallas [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Originally posted by Ghost thats not a white persons hand!

    Let's see your pampered little bitch hands.

    My man G works for a living.
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    ECAP Tuskegee Airman
    Originally posted by Fonaplats Let's see your pampered little bitch hands.

    That’s what she said
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    Admin African Astronaut
    He can more selling cocaine.
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    G Houston
    Originally posted by Ghost thats not a white persons hand!

    Likely a Mexican or native american. Nephew's been gone since 10 am so maybe he got murked on the pick up ?! lol
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    G Houston
    He was gone for 3 days but handed me $500 rent on return, I deem his scheme a win lol.
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