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omg guys, i talked to a girl today

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    username: African Astronaut
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    what a dumb bitch, god damn.

    And yet someone somewhere will fall in love at the first sight of this. Someones heart will increase bpm at the sight of it. Stupid useless cunt.
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    GAAAAALM African Astronaut
    Women never pass me up when I'm on omegle. They instantly begin to strip their clothes and masturbate. I show them my dick and they cum. Instantly.
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    username: African Astronaut
    yea she was like “you can switch” and I was like uhh, she wants to stop. but My predator instinct was like, uhh she didn’t give the safe word - no, so I was like might as well burn off the rest of the midnight oil and she lagged out
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    DontTellEm Naturally Camouflaged
    Lol. Oh my goodness. What an odd exchange.
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Is she 12? She sounds like it...
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    DontTellEm Naturally Camouflaged
    I think "want someone to talk to" trips men up, just friendly concern turns into sexual innuendo. Awkward.
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    DontTellEm Naturally Camouflaged

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