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Meth for weight loss.

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    I know it'd probably just make me jaggof for 12 hours but I really need to lose some weight, If I was able to find some meth, say a gram or something, how often should space it out? Like how many times a week?
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Bare minimum to ward off hunger. 25mg Thrice daily for two weeks.
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    lol 25mg, I pack bowls twice that size with no tolerance. A few bowls per sesh. You should eat while your on meth, you will still lose weight because your body is working twice as hard even just sitting on the computer. Play video games or something to keep your mind of sex, but you will probably lose more weight with sexy stuff involved.
    Oral use is probably the way to go but smoking crank and melting down them beautiful crystals is just so much fun. Basically, if you get high and have fun you won't be putting on weight. Every time I do a gram I lose like 10lbs.

    it fucks with your metabolism though so you might gain a lot of weight when you stop taking it and get really hungry all the time.

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