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Treasure Island with Grylls

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    Grylls motherfucker [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    Bear Grylls dumps 12 “ordinary Brits” on a Pacific island where they have to survive for five weeks. So far, so The Island. But there’s a new, rather nasty twist. Random boxes of cash will be dropped by helicopter onto the island for the contestants to find. There’s £100,000 in total, but if anyone leaves the island before the five weeks are out, they’ll forfeit their right to any of what’s found.

    This is fiendish. Some participants are in it purely to grab as much money as they can. Others claim the higher ground; but how long will a promise to share the booty last once they have solid cash in their hands? It’s like watching naked greed in action. And shame on me, I thoroughly enjoyed it.


    Twelve people are left on an uninhabited island in the Pacific, marooned and facing the toughest five weeks of their lives, with cash prizes worth £100,000 waiting to be discovered. What the participants do with the money when they find it is up to them, but if they leave early, they leave with nothing. In just the clothes on their back, with a day's supply of water and a few basic tools, the group is abandoned on the treacherous south east side of the island. They are immediately confronted with their first big decision when a helicopter flies overhead and parachutes a box of cash on the north shore. Do they chase the money or try to make camp? Bear keeps a watchful eye on proceedings.

    What a load of shit, but thats my tv sorted for tonight
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