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The realization that broke me

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    I got put back together again, albeit with super glue and visible shatter marks. Yet at the same time, stronger than ever, like broken muscle fibers rebuilding stronger than they were before.

    The first time I ever considered that I am God.

    When this happened it shook me so bad that I layed down and thought everything was done basically now that I figured it out. That I am God and this is what I do forever.
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    AngryOnion Big Wig [the nightly self-effacing broadsheet]
    I smoke suupper glue and shatter what I do dont Matter I'm a supergod and thats all that Matters.
    I'll piss in your cup and fuck you up because Im a super god and thats all that Matters.
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    Now with a more mature attitude I realize that this is probably not quite true as I once realized, and that a more accurate analysis is something like man is both a God and a worm, however that does not fully convince me at all times given my I am hereness.
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    is this about overcoming benzo addiction or doing acid?
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    I guess this happened around the time I was engaging in those things, but it happened while sober.
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    I feel the top of the roof come off
    And I'm watching all the stars burn out
    Trying to pretend that I care

    But I didn't, no one ever does
    And I would, no one ever will
    Can't you see it's all flown out of my hands
    And our clothes are all too often ripped
    And our teeth are all too often gnashed
    And it lasts as long as it possibly can
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