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Rick and Morty better than wario thread

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    I saw the show when it premiered for the first couple episodes and I instantly knew that it was going to become a smash hit. It took a while, but I always knew. I like certain things about it but I hate the kind of anime aspects of it like the droopy lip thing and Morty is annoying as hell, and I absolutely hate the environments/worlds they travel to star trek style. It's always gross or nauseatingly alien with gay plotlines and seemingly doing pointless things for no reason and crappy Nietzschean/Nihilist philosophy thrown in that all the reddit boys jack off to. I think either the cops or my parents stole my whip cream canister, that baby was like 40 or 50 bucks damnit.

    I watched it with my friend in Tennessee when I visited him because I brought Molly Tesla pills over and we took them at night and his preggo gf got super pissed after an argument about it, and it's not like I pressured him to do it but he insisted despite her disapproval. He kept referring to them as ADDERALL pills to her because he doesn't understand that it was MDMA pills despite me telling him 6 times, so she played a youtube video that said like, "III'm a retard who has to take AAADDERAAAALLL" passive aggressive like.

    I'd rather watch some Regular Show, it's a way better show and they say minor swears like piss sometimes even though it's a daytime cartoon network show and that makes me feel naughty for some reason. That wouldn't fly back in my day.
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    the man who put it in my hood Naturally Camouflaged
    Yeah it's not something I seek out
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