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Is this place still getting DDoS'd?

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    Tokolosh Yung Blood
    cause its slow as shit bruv
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I think Lanny got cloudfare so even if it is it's gotta' be one hell of a DDoS. Lanny's hosting probably is just a little shitty, lol.
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    Lanny motherfucker
    Ye, there have been small DDoS attacks on and off since rdfrn closed but cloudflare takes the brunt of it. Hosting is a bit shitty too, no doubt, but the largest part actually seems to be vB's retarded "cache management" strategy for css that ends up actually being "fuck your cache, you'll reload the css every time like it or not" on top of the fact that the css is actually dynamically generated every time instead of served off the HD like it should be.

    I'll get around to fixing it one day, maybe.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    4look a cat

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