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What TV series are you watching right now, space nigga?

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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    I been watching Underbelly, its alright an all. its like rise of the footsoldier meets neighbours, lol.

    its all based around the true stories of some of australias most infamous gangsters. all the gangland wars of the 90s is season 1. season 2 goes back to the heroin smugglers of the 70s and 80s.

    but if you're into gangster shit you should defo crack a few tinnies and check it out mate

    Yeah watch it ya bloody galah

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    Ghost Black Hole
    Happy! on Amazon Prime

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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    jerry springer was fucking hilarious. literally the only tabloid talk show worth watching ever.

    you should check out underbelly scron, its alright mate, you'd like it.

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    Rear Naked Joke African Astronaut
    The Orville
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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    Originally posted by Rear Naked Joke The Orville

    what's it about/is it any good/etc?

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    Rear Naked Joke African Astronaut
    Basically it's an homage to Star Trek but updated for the modern day. It's by Seth MacFarlane, I expected it to be retarded and stupid as shit like Family Guy, but it's actually very well done. Plus all the episodes are self contained
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    G African Astronaut
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    i just watched mindhunters seasonn deuce it was gucci fuck those dominant females trying to swap gender roles bitch ill choke you in your sleep and rape your dead body

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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    wayne is pretty good. i reckon most of you fuckers here would like it. - fuck paying yt to watch it tho

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    HTS highlight reel
    Like Scrawny, I just finished up Mindhunters' second season. It was good I guess. I was really hoping for them to do more with BTK, but definitely worth watching.

    Also watching Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix for the last few day. I can see why it had/has such a hype fanbase. Great show. Surprisingly good writing in places for a western cartoon, and probably the only one I can think of that isn't a comedy. 😅
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    Narc Space Nigga [connect my yokel-like scolytidae]
    i just started 11.22.63

    looks alright an all

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    G African Astronaut
    Gemstones is picking up rather nicely.
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    gadzooks Dark Matter [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    I rarely watch anything new (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul are among a very narrow selection of recent shows I took great interest in).

    But Mindhunters...

    I'm gonna go with Ghost and HTS here on that one.

    That Atlanta killer slipped right past my radar until this season released.

    But I guess maybe that's the point... To make a statement about how crime investigation has always been disproportionately skewed based on race, gender, etc, etc, etc.

    So I have to give that show props for pretty much hitting all of the criteria for a memorable show...

    Socially conscious.
    Historically educational.
    Good acting and directing and so forth.
    And fun to watch.
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    Rear Naked Joke African Astronaut
    Minhunters is shit only a retard with sub-Scooby Doo level detective skills would enjoy it.
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