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I'm really done vaping this time

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    Been vaping since December I think, and I'm sick of it. I've inhaled more coil than vape out of stupidity and laziness and given myself a nasty cough and maybe cancer in the process. I take hits in the morning for a crack buzz and at night too, and I promise myself that I won't buy any more vape now that I used my last bottle and only have a half cart on a burnt out coil left. I've spent way too much money on a shitty hobby that makes me feel like shit, although still cheaper than 10 dollar a pack cigarettes.

    If anyone wants to buy a Smok Novo I will send it for the price of shipping.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    why not just replace the coil???

    edit: just looked up that vape, looks like shit. Can you even change the coil?

    Get one of these, i've had it for over a year and I vape all day every day with HTS and burn the fuck out of coils and go through bottles of yummy high nic juice. Those lesser vapes just can't handle hardcore puffing. I need to move up to a box mod and make my own cotton but this is the exact model I have and it gets us by just fine

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    I have a double 86500 mod actually, but it's kind of broken and doesn't hit well most of the time and I can't really get the tank off to change the coil even if I wanted to because the 5 10 connector is busted... I will send/sell you the batteries if you want
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    Ghost Black Hole
    Just get a new one dood
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    Idwt i dont like nicotine
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    G4LM African Astronaut
    Need more money for tramadol ey
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    No, I don't like nicotine, i just use it to get a buzz in the morning and then to trigger migraines throughout the day
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    G4LM African Astronaut
    Originally posted by DietPiano No, I don't like nicotine, i just use it to get a buzz in the morning and then to trigger migraines throughout the day

    Sounds like you have a problem controlling intake and are getting nic sick daily?

    How physically dependent are you? I recently quit my nicotine habit with flying success using patches, and do not crave it anymore. I have zero nic juice i vape purely for lulz. Usually just when im with smoking/vaping friends.

    I even have some patches left over but I'm saving them for my sleep deprived days. Nicotine is way better when used infrequently and in constant flow from patches
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    I actually enjoy nicotine withdrawal, always have. Ive smoked and chewed for about a month at a time like 7 times in my life but I plain don't like nicotine, which makes me feel "gooder" than I usually do during the brief withdrawal.

    I'm really not at all, I go all day without it after hitting it in the morning and I feel just fine, and I feel fine in the morning before I hit, and them I feel worse.
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    G4LM African Astronaut
    That's definitely abnormal
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    This mornings 10% nic juice 90% cotton vape is my last. Wish it would have been a buzz hit but oh well.
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I get buzz hits daily
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