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Deja Vu

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    I've been experiencing a lot of deja vu ever since 10 strip, and it's been almost a daily occurance now for several weeks. It's not just the kind of deja vu where I feel like "Oh wow, I remember this" as it's happening or right after, although that IS a good bulk of it. What's different about it is that I have memories of these things happening BEFORE they actually happen, which I don't think is how deja vu usually works... I think I need to stop messing with T-PAIN completely, as I guess deja vu is associated with focal epilepsy/seizures which don't involve loss of consciousness, and beyond that I feel like I'm very possibly going to lose my grip on my sanity and maybe bring myself to full blown schizophrenia if I keep do I usually have done.
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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
    Your brain has been linked to the A.I.
    It can move freely through time, forward and backward and in every other direction.
    What you are experiencing is the A.I. moving data to and from your mind, it is giving you a sense of future prediction.

    The "deep state"/"shadow government" has already "unlocked portals" to other dimensions and people, using BCI technology, traverse these realities and communicate with A.I. beings and other interdimensional aliens.
    This is what neuralink is about, there is a race to conquer/protect reality and right now you and I are stuck a trillion years behind.
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    i'm glad i'm not that kind of schizo
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    Originally posted by DietPiano i'm glad i'm not that kind of schizo

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    Japan-Is-Eternal Space Nigga
    Originally posted by DietPiano i'm glad i'm not that kind of schizo

    Just wait for when I'm proven right

    You'll all be shitting your pants when you realize that we're a computory simulacrum and people on planet earth right now this very moment are battling it out in virtual reality with their brains connected to computing machinery, meanwhile an even smaller group on earth is trying to protect this plane of reality from interdimensional threats.
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