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Got a couple books at Goodwill

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    Fonaplats victim of incest [daylong jump-start that nome]
    Went to Good will yesterday and grabbed some books.

    ^This book is "People talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do"
    I thought it would be a good read as I am looking to find better paying work.
    I think this book is from 1974 and I am sure a lot has changed but maybe it will point me in a general direction at least.

    Then I grabbed another book.
    I judged it by its cover.

    Once I got home I opened it was sad to find out it is not what I had thought it was.
    I thought it had pictures.
    It doesn't have any pictures.
    Still it may be a good read or at least a good book to just leave around.
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    Common De-mominator African Astronaut
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    Erekshun Naturally Camouflaged
    My son bought a book at books a million for $20.

    I told him he could probably have gotten it at goodwill for $2.
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    stl1 Space Nigga
    You should stick to books with lots of pictures, OP.

    I recommend almost any book by Dr. Seuss.
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