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So I had a bad dream.

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    A College Professor Space Nigga [your moreover breastless limestone]
    Change my mind...

    I went to autozone to get oil and an oil enhancement for a 6 liter chevy truck, the shelves were barren ( that means like there was nothing out in the shelves ) so i asked the lady there if they were going out of business or something and she said "no we always sell out before Christmas time" which is weird cause i didn't even realize it was Christmas time. I told her i needed some oil, the enhancement, a funnel, and a roll of scotts shop towels. she got me the funnel and towels ( but the towels were TINY so basically useless ) and rang me up and said she will get the oil for me. i wait around like an hour and i guess she forgot so i reminded her i need my OIL AND enhancement and she disappeared in the back never to return ( I GOT RIPPED OFF ).

    Then i went to the surgical center with my buddy because he was shopping for arm implants to look buff as hell. i got lost in there and asked a lady at a desk if she had seen my two friends and she flipped the hell out on me and said it wasn't her job to babysit me.

    so i go to the mega-mall and can't find my way out , they have four escalators that change direction as-needed and the one i got on moves at breakneck speed so everyone falls over as soon as they get on it. yeah i fell down getting on and off but it was a fast ride. the escalator took me to a theater but everyone was dressed really nice i was just wearing my plain clothes so i had to get out before i got busted. i followed the exit sign but it was a trick so i would walk right in front of the screen, nope.. not falling for that. so i took one of the slow escalators back down

    pretty sure i got abducted by aliens again
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    mmQ victim of incest
    You student go to the magazine mall because I was there at the Paul Bun Young log chute ride and I never SEENT you.
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    NARCassist gollums fat coach
    you feeling under appreciated acp?

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    A College Professor Space Nigga [your moreover breastless limestone]
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