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Quantum Computing will be an industrial technology

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    Common De-mominator African Astronaut
    I firmly believe that quantum computing will never really come to consumer usage within our lifetimes. What I expect is that companies like IBM, Amazon etc will invest in bigass quantum computing facilities and businesses, schools and labs will be able to buy server time on their machines. They will be reserved by chemical engineering and manufacturing firms to run simulations and crunch numbers. They will also probably lease processing time to governments and intelligence agencies so they can break everyday cryptography. Existing crypto will remain usable for everyday computing but governments will be able to crack it all with quantum computing and gain access selectively. This technology will also be unavailable to your everyday hackers so it won't expose the public to criminals. Even if you get the hardware setup in China, the actual science and engineering is ridiculously tough and sensitive. These facilities will always be excessively monitored in the foreseeable future.

    Today's quantum computers are where traditional computers used to be decades upon decades ago: massive room-sized jungles of metal tubes and arcane looking sensitive equipment. The primary constraint to scaling up their power right now per unit area is science... So you can just give it more area. Look forward to gargantuan Amazon Web Services Quantum farms being erected in the deserted plains of the USA and contracting out these capabilities.
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    HikikomoriYume0 African Astronaut
    The same thing will happen with A.I.
    These technologies are too dangerous to not be regulated and controlled.
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    Common De-mominator African Astronaut
    Originally posted by HikikomoriYume0 The same thing will happen with A.I.
    These technologies are too dangerous to not be regulated and controlled.

    Shut up fsggot
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    HikikomoriYume0 African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Common De-mominator Shut up fsggot

    Kid I was reading about this shit a decade ago
    You are way behind the curb
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    I want to be a quantum engener. I am grom a disadvantaged background and need money to become ecducated. Please donate to my Patereon.
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    HikikomoriYume0 African Astronaut
    also cyptocurrency is a tool of the NWO and will not happen as long as God himself protects this forsaken plane
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    I want to be a scientist just like the man who discovered synthetic polyester
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