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Favorite Eldritch Horror?

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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    I pick Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos. Reminds me of Tzeentzch from WH40k.
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition

    A frog reveals human heads within its mouth
    furrowed white fields white,
    snow laden trees – Her face,
    caught by the moon; Her eyes come to know the pool,
    Take the spiral staircase to the blue room…
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    Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    The Fellahin knelt when they saw him, yet could not say why. He said he had risen up out of the blackness of twenty-seven centuries, and that he had heard messages from places not on this planet. Into the lands of civilization came Nyarlathotep, swarthy, slender, and sinister ... Men advised one another to see Nyarlathotep, and shuddered. And where Nyarlathotep went, rest vanished; for the small hours were rent with the screams of nightmare.
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    Trumpenreich Yung Blood
    Dread Azathoth is pretty gnarly.
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