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We have a moral obligation to stop drinking coffee.

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    DietPiano Naturally Camouflaged
    Saddle up MORALLY SUPERIOR BEINGs, fields used for the cultivation of coffee contribute to mass starvation as these acres could be used to farm FOOD CROPS but they aren't, therfor we have a moral obligation to stop drinking coffee immediately.
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    POLECAT POLECAT is a motherfucking ferret [my presentably immunised ammonification]
    go fuck urself dikwad,, I aint givin up my Coffee without a god damn FIGHT!!
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    🐿 African Astronaut
    Fuck yourself bitch ass
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    Ghost Black Hole
    I grow my own

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    Needledick Needledick Needledick Tuskegee Airman [mulishly down your brachydactylia]
    I'm on board, I hate that coffee shit.
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    Nil African Astronaut
    I feel like if fair trade were a thing we would be living like them. Trade? most of it seems like like looting to me... If people cared they'd buy coke I bet the farmer gets a better deal.
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    Phantasmagoria African Astronaut
    Everyone should quit caffeine in general

    There should be a new pop culture movement based on sobriety and good health
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    yabbadabbadindunuthin oplus is dead, long live oplus [my sedative well-conducted austrocedrus]
    Quitting coffee is harder than trying to stop smoking weed. You'll get headaches and have difficult concentrating. You'll also get super tired but simultaneously have a hard time sleeping.

    Caffeine addiction is a real thing.
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    DietPiano Naturally Camouflaged
    Waiting for Zanick and Lanny.
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