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    A College Professor Naturally Camouflaged [your moreover breastless limestone]
    So where do you all find yourselves on the "spectrum".

    No, not that spectrum.

    I mean in terms of BDSM.

    I, personally, contend that literally everyone lies SOMEWHERE on this spectrum.

    There might be some wackjob religious fundamentalists who only engage in sex for the purpose of procreation, and engage in the missionary position night after night. But secretly, they yearn for more.

    So where do you fit?

    I have very strong submissive tendencies (in the bedroom, at least). Just about anything short of scat or pegging turn me on.

    I'm not saying it's ideal, or right, or wrong, or anything. ITT we just talk kink, no value judgments.
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    gadzooks Dark Matter [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
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    Who African Astronaut [that staidly controlling tamarillo]
    And so much more
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    Who African Astronaut [that staidly controlling tamarillo]
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