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  1. gadzooks Space Nigga [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    Why are we sitting around here with no more than like... 100 uniquely psychoactive compounds (all similar in the end anyway)...?

    I toss back a bunch of drinks, and take a few hits of whippets, and even smoke a bit of weed (I hate weed, but I need to feel differently than I do now), and I'm just sitting here wanting.

    We need to rise to the occasion and discover/invent a new drug that:
    1. Induces euphoria.
    2. Doesn't induce death (kinda important... maybe this should have been #1).
    3. Has few, if any, side effects.

    We can do better.

    As a community, we can create a better future.

    Vote for Pedro
  2. DietPiano African Astronaut (banned)
    Pcp has euphoria and few side effects, but it induced a severe manic episode for me and greatly worsened my migraines/nerve pain.

    I have no desire to do it again in the short/intermediate term, but I want to potentially do it again at some point because of the incredible soul-peacedom during the comedown.

    It's not like acid meditation where you have to wade through all this emotional rollercoaster bullshit to look at something that takes your breath away so wonderfully that you could just die ...

    It's like you finally have access to your soul; your soul with not a single layer in front of it, and you are finally you. Ultimate finality. The drug does not try to sway you emotionally. You can finally meditate completely.

    It removes ALL INNER CONFLICT.


    Acid unlocks doors to your soul as well, but more like EXPLORES and plays with those different dimensions, but doesn't in my book reveal and activate the soul, which gives you every answer. Acid asks questions, pcp answers them. (All the amswers may be not the best way to put it. A better way is that it removes ALL INNER CONFLICT).

    But acid is always losing focus with it's adhd, and is pretty racous at times. Where pcp is like "here's your answers, okbai have fun meditating, I'm going to Kentucky now, so I'll leave you alone with all the answers. Bye!!"

    Acid is more like "Lemme hit ya on the fuckin forehead with some ANSWERS babe :) and QUESTIONS HOOOOOOOOO YEAHAHAH, some more fuggn QUEStions

    butwhat about kitkats :(
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  3. gadzooks Space Nigga [keratinize my mild-tasting blossoming]
    Originally posted by DietPiano Pcp has euphoria and few side effects,

    Not gonna lie... the second I read that, the first thing I thought was...

    But in all fairness, I have not tried PCP yet (It's on the bucket list).

    Gonna read the rest your post, just gimme a sec.
  4. DietPiano African Astronaut (banned)
    I didn't know about that, but I did just learn that the Miami face eating guy was NOT on bath salts. Some official from the area thought it SOUNDED like bath salts, and told that to reporters who just ran with it. His tox report came back, and they only found marijuana in his system. Never heard about that development. wiki miami cannibal attack
  5. Ghost Naturally Camouflaged
    Originally posted by The Self Taught Man Aceglutamide aluminum

    N-acetyl-L-glutamine (buy from amazon)
    Aluminum Isopropoxide (make from aluminum powder sold as moss killer)

    37 grams glutaine in 1L water 40°C. 900ml isopropanol w/ 40.8g aluminum with stirring. 10 minutes. enhancement and concentrate under reduced pressure. Isopropanol is added and salt crystallises out. enhancement and dry.

    Dimethyl Tubocurarine iodide
    (Muscle relaxer)

    Curare (buy on the internet/grow it)
    methyl iodide (even I have some of this laying around)

    Vanillic acid diethylamide (VSD)
    (CNS stimulant)

    Made like LSD but starting from Vanillin.

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