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Audiomulch/Pure Data/Max/Msp

  1. Phantasmagoria African Astronaut
    Anybody here have an interest in synthesis programming?
    Since 2008 I have been into Audiomulch and ever since it's been my go-to program for making music, eventually I want to buy the damn thing and really learn my way around it.
    Right now I'm downloading Pure Data, I've known about it for some time but have never used it and since it's free why not?
    Depending on how well Pure Data fares I probably won't ever have to get into max/msp though maybe it has some features that set it apart from pure data.
  2. Phantasmagoria African Astronaut
    Merzbow has used Max/Msp a lot during his "laptop" years of the early/mid 00s
  3. Phantasmagoria African Astronaut
    Oh and Autechre too they're big into max/msp

    Trent used Audiomulcy during the production of The Fragile.

    These types of daws are really cool because you're not using an instrument interface with vsts, with these programs you use a programming environment to compose the music/sounds
    It's really good for abstract and experimental musix
  4. Lanny creature of the mesothelioma era
    I actually have some experience with max/msp and lower level audio programming and synthesis. I made a thread about an MSP project here:

    It's gotten a bit more sophisticated since then, source here if you're interested:

    I kinda hate visual programming languages, and Max certainly isn't without its share of frustrating "gotta be visual" bullshit, BUT it's actually a league above most visual languages, I think I wrote a bit more about it in the other thread.

    I like the idea of pure data and it being open source, but it's a much rougher experience than Max. Certainly not impossible to use it seriously, but the difference is enough to fully justify Max's price tag IMO
  5. Lanny creature of the mesothelioma era
    The biggest difference between PD and Max IMO is the documentation/reference material. Max has both super comprehensive documentation and it's built into the program in a really slick way that lets you fuck around with live examples and copy paste out of them. When's you're just learning, and especially if you don't have experience with more traditional programming, it makes a big difference in how much you're able to do starting off.
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