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Punching women in the face

  1. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    Now, I'm normally against hitting women, but some are just so goddamn arrogant and bitchy, it almost seems necessary. It's like if some women don't get punched in the mouth, sooner or later the bad energy that they radiate is going to destroy the world, so in order to restore balance and harmony to the world, certain women need to be socked in the mouth. Bulldyke lesbians for one, that try to act tough and act like they can beat guys up without a weapon. Hilarious. There's no shortage of those here either, must be something in the water. So many retards and confused gay queer faggots. Luckily, despite my bitching and moaning, there's also no shortage of crackwhores that are used to getting into fist-fights that I can hire for a couple dollars or a crack rock/dime bag of meth, to beat the living shit out of these stuck up bitches. Won't be so bitchy when I send a ghetto whore to knock their goddamn fucking teeth out of their stupid silly fucking fat heads. Blah
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  2. DontTellEm Naturally Camouflaged
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