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Star Trek: Kirk or Picard?

  1. Soyboy V: A Cat-Girl/Boy Under Every Bed African Astronaut [my no haunted nonbeing]
  2. mikeyagain African Astronaut [unalterably regard the persecutor]
    Spock figured the shit out.. Kirk used Spock's brain.. I choose Spock..
  3. star trek has always been the beta, pg-13 version of star wars.

    it appeal to betas.
  4. HTS highlight reel
    >no option for Janeway

    Wow. This is what the patriarchy looks like. Out of those two, the obvious answer is Picard though.
  5. HTS highlight reel
    Originally posted by infinityshock lasciviously lavages lannys luscious labia lips with large lovely ladles of love lube and he likes it a lot.. and there's no option for that token-nigger captain, either.

    Sisco wasn't really a captain. I mean his rank was captain, but he "captain'd" a space station.
  6. stl1 African Astronaut
    Denny Crane!
  7. F0N Yung Blood
    I recently went from being one of those "I will never watch that shitty show star trek in my entire life for no reason whatsoever" to being a huge fan of TNG. Not into the earlier stuff. Just a bit too lame.

    So Picard all the way. Since when did Kirk make a facepalm meme that summarised this entire website and its users in one image?
  8. Pillpopper Houston
    Neither . Fucking Sisco kicks ass
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