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Uri Geller plans to use his psychic powers to stop Jeremy Corbyn the anti-semite.

  1. Soyboy IV: The Flower of Death and The Crystal of Life African Astronaut [the oppositely able-bodied hop-step-and-jump]
    Those who have appointed themselves to speak in the name of British jedis are determined to use any means to stop Corbyn. And they are not alone. Now, we learn from the rabid Zionist jedi Chronicle that Israeli born psychic and spoon bender Uri Geller is firmly committed to stopping the Labour leader from becoming our PM.

    Geller spoke in Jerusalem on a panel with Roseanne Barr at an event chaired by American rabbi, Shmuley Boteach. In answer to a question about the Labour Party leader, Mr. Geller told the Jerusalem audience: “I have no problem in saying he is an antisemite. God forbid if he takes control.”

    Rabbi Boteach asked Geller if he thought his celebrity status might be harmed by speaking out and calling Mr. Corbyn an antisemite.

    “With all my telepathic powers I am not going to let that happen,” Geller said.

    Who can stop our psychic jedi overlords?
  2. Sophie Pedophile Tech Support
    Uri Geller is a fraud just like all jedis.
  3. ECAP Tuskegee Airman
    Telekinesis and quantum field theory

    Let’s drink to cosmic variance
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