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I made a computer out of wood

  1. what do ya think

    it runs on coal power

    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
  2. Grylls African Astronaut [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    it’s a bit shit but as long as it gets the job done
  3. Ghost Naturally Camouflaged
    your average poster.BMP
  4. cupocheer Space Nigga [unwillingly condescend the dp]
    What kind of games do you play, OP?
  5. Envirobear
  6. ECAP Houston
    We’re happy to Bear with you
  7. Ub, an Yung Blood
    Ub have rock computer that better

  8. cupocheer Space Nigga [unwillingly condescend the dp]
    I used to have a computer, or two, or three, or ....

    I guess they were disposable.
  9. ECAP Houston

    Or edible
  10. Water Poseidon Yung Blood
    I have a computer made out of water homie
  11. Ghost Naturally Camouflaged
    how old is that OS
  12. Lanny victim of incest [my dexterously baritone judicature]
    "pictures of deer"
  13. SBTlauien African Astronaut
    Is that Windows 97?
  14. Ghost Naturally Camouflaged
    I think it's wood 2x4
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