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No Self-Respecting Woman Would Go Out Without Make Up

  1. actual_retard Yung Blood

    Not my blog, just interested in your thoughts.
  2. Rizzo in a box African Astronaut [the rapidly lightproof ovariectomy]
    >tfw when the TLP hasn't posted in five years

    feeeeels baaad maaaang
  3. DietPiano Space Nigga
  4. Lanny creature of the mesothelioma era
    I agree there's some real double-think in modern feminist thought around makeup (makeup are among the material chains of patriarchy, makeup apologetics is whatever the feminist version of uncle tomming is) but the whole "men disappeared from politics to vest finance with power" thing is pretty fucking retarded.
  5. Ghost Black Hole
    Pokimane looks better w/o makeup or clothes
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