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PCP broke my dick

  1. DietPiano Space Nigga
    It was on PCP (and mr baggie spice I guess) when

    A. My head popped, literally, and my migraines and neuropathy became unbearable,

    & B. I got severe priapism and noticed I had Peyronies Disease. Almost went to the hospital but stuck it out and probably caused more damage to myself like a big boy.

    Also schizo tendencies and mood disorder worsened, and I had my manic epiosde where I thought I was a prophet of God who was supposed to write a new book of the bible and almost stared at the sun, because I thought I had to cause permanent damage to myself for God to show me that he is real.

    I chickened out and thought I was dooming myself to Hell because I was being disobedient. Yeah, I don't believe in an Abrahamic God anymore. Or God at all for all intents and purposes.

    I fucking love PCP tho, and I still want to do it again later in life, but I kimd of doubt that I will. We'll see.
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