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Injecting code with RFI

  1. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    Van eck phreaking is passive(mostly?).... Could it be also active? Can you inject intelligible code that the processor can actually read?

    Just browsing articles on air-gapped and caged systems and I thought maybe, since you can transmit audio through a speaker without the speaker being powered on, with an RF amplifier because the RF induces voltage/current in the wires.

    Directional antenna + amplifier to inject code....? Maybe hide it in normal internet traffic.
  2. esbity African Astronaut
    It's possible. I think it'd be more of a government agency that does it though.
  3. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut
    I would imagine a maser would be the most precise way to do this. Hmm.
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