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Nag Hammadi codices and Dead Sea Scrolls

  1. We'reAllBrownNosers African Astronaut

    What are your thoughts on this? I find it is plausible that Christianity originated from a UFO worshipping cult. It makes sense, if the most intelligent, creative people on the planet, had something that could be exploited; too much empathy. Give them a cult/religion that teaches them to be passive, submissive and not fight back. The crusades were a small part of Christianity's history, and did not actually free Christians from oppressive rule by tyrannical governments, and in fact probably made it worse.

    All of this brings us to the specific method the Archons likely use to keep us in abject ignorance, the opposite of liberating Gnosis.

    Bureaucracy. Really bad bureaucracy. The Archon nature of being the bumbling administrators of the heavens is their greatest weapon. And “as above, so below,” said the Gnostic Hermetics. While many faiths feel that a celestial bureaucracy is fantastic, from the Pythagoreans to Confucianism, the Gnostics—history’s great anarchists—contended it was quite the opposite. The faulty “software” was, ironically, the perfect mechanism to keep us trapped in, as Philip K Dick called the universe, the Black Iron Prison.

    It was death by a thousand regulations, death by a thousand frustrations.

    In article for Gnostic Warrior I explain the reasoning:

    In fact, in the novel Good Omens, written by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, a demon appropriately named Crowley proves that the Archon-way is superior in the fight against Heaven. He demonstrates that traffic jams and phone service outages are far more efficient in damning souls than such common demonic methods as possession or temptation. Death by a thousand frustrations is the best way to dim the human spirit.

    Ponder this. I mean, as humans, we are basically prepared (especially if we go to church or watch enough Netflix) to deal with and overcome life’s significant challenges, from a family death to a nearby war. In a Gnostic sense, we share their essence with the Alien God, and thus infinity is part of our vibe. It’s the little shit in life that seems to get us. Imagine going through a day when:

    The car won’t start.
    You seem to catch every bloody red light.
    You need five departments at work to sign off on your order for print cartridges.
    The customer service representative of your cable company is oblivious after you spend an hour trying to connect.
    Like Morpheus said in The Matrix: “It’s like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.” And these events don’t seem at all like an accident.

    Between bureaucracy and a faulty system, you can feel your soul dimming, your mind numbing, and your heroic side perishing. You become forgetful and anxious, a Stockholm Syndrome victim to a passive aggressive kismet.

    Sounds a lot like the remote neural monitoring psyops network used to keep political dissidents in line, or eliminate them. Death from a thousand papercuts, zersetzung.

    So our government are like agents of the archons. Makes sense.
  2. Krow African Astronaut
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