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The Saturn - Moon Matrix

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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    In the ancient past Saturn was associated with Kronos the god of time. Kronos is where we get the image of Father Time and the grim reaper from. The grim reaper carries a scythe because Saturn was also the god of harvest. As well of the god of judgment and a lot of other things. Saturn basically was THE god and most importantly the god of TIME.

    Kronos heard a prophecy that one day one of his sons would usurp him as king - so like any rational god he ate all his children. The symbolism here shows us that time consumes everything it creates. It also shows us where Satanists got child sacrifice from because Saturn is actually Satan.

    Not only is Saturn the 6th planet from the sun, but it also has a large hexagonal shaped storm on its North Pole. A six sided shape. You can easily find pictures of this taken by NASA. Scientists don’t know why this is. But if we look to cymatics (the study of how sounds affect materials) we can hypothesize that there could be some sort of frequency creating this geometrical shape (since we know regular storms do not form perfect angles).

    Oddly enough, a low frequency sine tone creates a hexagon in a medium (such as water/sand/whatever). I say this is odd because the sine wave looks like a serpent, like Satan. Also reminds me of the Uroboros (the snake biting it’s own tail to representing infinity) Kind of a stretch, but the Bible also tells us we die because of sin.. or is it sine? What if sine wave is another way of saying time wave? Saying we die because of sin could really mean we die because of time, which is true. Now we’re told time is money and money is time - well turn the sine wave on its side and it looks like a $. Now who runs this world? The love of money is the root of all evil.

    Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun, has a 6 sided shape on its North Pole, AND the 6th day of the week is Saturn-day! The black mass! The day satanists worship.

    Now if you take a hexagram and draw some lines on the inside you get a necker cube. This is an important symbol, the cube of Saturn. You can find them everywhere. Do a google search on them. They are even a part of the world’s largest religions. Certain sects of jedis wear mini black cubes on their head when they worship. Muslims go to Mecca to worship at the Kabba - a giant black cube! They even walk around it counter clockwise like the rings of Saturn. The United Nations have a black cube in their “meditation room” as well.

    Now let’s take a look into pop culture - the cube is all over the place here as well. And of course we, the conspiracy theorists, know “THEY” love to hide little messages about what “THEY” know in the movies.

    The transformers features a powerful robotic cosmic cube. Hellraiser features a magical cube that takes you to a hellish dimension. The avengers features a “tesseract”. The name tesseract literally means 4 dimensional cube - the fourth dimension being time. A Wrinkle in Time features a tesseract as a way to travel across space and time. Interstellar also features a tesseract - the weird dimension behind the bookshelf in existing in the past, present, and future. Funny how the wormhole they go through at the beginning of the movie was near Saturn.

    Another movie however is 2001 Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick. The movie features a black cube like structure capable of transporting things through time. Astronauts from the future find this monolith on one of Jupiter’s moons. Ironically, the story originally had it as one of Saturn’s moons but for some reason it was changed. When they find it it emits a loud FREQUENCY.

    Is this what’s inside Saturn? A Black Cube emitting a low sine tone? I kind of think so. It reminds me of the Stark Trek episode where this one planet is run by a computer that manifests the thoughts of people’s worst fears.

    The theory is that Saturn is a supercomputer of sorts, an AI intelligence, that has created a matrix for our souls to get lost in. Remember how Elon Musk called AI “the demon”? What if we already created it long ago and we’ve been trapped in a time loop? History repeats right?

    Saturn’s rings work like a giant broadcasting system, and the frequencies from Saturn are being amplified through them and sent to the moon and relayed to Earth. Our brain has been highjacked by this satanic frequency and has made us experience this false reality or illusion.

    I forget the name of the scientist but there’s a whole book on it “Saturn’s Ringmakers” or something like that - that talks about how there’s photographic evidence of mile long alien ships building the rings and fixing them up. Maybe they’re reinforcing their machine? And maybe “they” are the reptilians and need this matrix to cause us distress and suffering so they can feed off our negative energy.

    Now there’s still a lot more to this. The DWave quantum computers are designed to look like... giant black cubes. Now who uses these? CERN. Both are thought to be responsible for the mandela effect. Have scientists hacked the matrix and found a way to edit reality? Is there a massive quantum computer inside Saturn? Is CERN a portal to Saturn/hell? I also want to talk about language and how it’s the code/software that programs this matrix. Using the languages of this world only solidify the illusion but we can actually use our words to bend it. This is what spells and incantations are. Or what we call today affirmations.

    Saturn was known as Kronos God of TIME - Saturn = Satan - Saturn’s symbolized by the black cube - Black cube = time cube = tesseract - Saturn may be an AI quantum supercomputer? - The new DWave quantum computers look like massive black cubes.

    So the new DWave quantum computers are special because they use “q bits” or “quantum bits” instead of regular binary bits in order to compute faster. Binary bits are 1s and 0s but a q bit can be a 1, a 0, or both at the same time. The creators of these machines have said themselves that these computers literally reach into parallel universes to pull out information to solve problems faster. Like billions of times faster than regular computers. The tiny area where two parallel universes overlap are where the q bits exist. These machines have also been described by the creators as being like an “alter to an alien god”. Hm. Look up the Ted Talks about these things.

    There’s like three of these computers in existence and they are used by none other than NASA, Google, and CERN. Now CERN is where the World Wide Web was invented. WWW in Hebrew is Vah Vah Vah or 666. We plug into the World Wide Web with our ethernet cables. I believe the internet is another dimension - or, the ether.

    The internet is like a place between places where you can talk with people all over the world almost instantly. We can peer into this world from the windows of our phone and computers screens. I believe someday these windows will be “broken” with new virtual reality technologies and a WiFi system that covers the Earth. Perhaps this, along with new RFID chip technology, relates to HAARP and the Hive Mind that the powers at be wish to make of us. This is predicted in the Bible as well - the book of Revelation says that everyone who has the mark will think with one mind. The Freemasons also love the symbol of the bee hive. Also funny how hives use the hexagram.

    I like to compare phones and computers and even televisions to black mirrors. Black mirrors were magical objects back in the day mystics would use to look into the spirit world and even see the future.. kind of like the show Black Mirror. Perhaps all of our electronics are portals into the ether. This is why in movies we see ghosts and paranormal beings affect them and even travel through them - we see this in programs like Stranger Things, Poltergeist, The Ring etc. We also know that electronics are the biggest tool for brainwash and can even induce hypnotic trances. Maybe a form of possession? Think pornography, violence, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

    If Artificial Intelligence, “the demon”, is already running the world I would imagine it lives inside the internet, which I think may some day be able to connect to all electronics. Which is kind of already does.

    The Bible also tells us that the AntiChrist will think to change the times and laws. Now Satan, Saturn, AI, what have you - has already done this. We use the Gregorian calendar, which is not the original calendar humanity used to use (one that uses the names of false gods for each month - also featuring satanic holidays such as Christmas, Easter, etc.) and we no longer use the laws of God but rather confusing and redundant man made laws.

    But what if this verse goes deeper? What if it is also saying the beast wants to change the TIMELINE and the LAWS of physics? This is where CERN comes in. We all know all the crazy satanic symbolism surrounding CERN. At least I hope so - if not so some research on it. One thing I will say is that there is a statue of Shiva the Destroyer God right in front of the complex. Now, why would a place that has been criticized by such notable scientists such as Stephen Hawking and Neil de Grasse Tyson as having the potential to destroy the universe - put a statue like of a goddess doing the dance of destruction right outside?

    The CERN facility is placed in Switzerland, a place known for its SWISS WATCHES and SWISS BANK ACCOUNTS. Time is money, money is time. It’s also placed right on top of what is thought to be the ruins of the temple of Apollo. A place, in the ancient past, thought to be an entrance to hell. Now look at this verse in Revelation. Ironically, Revelation 9:11:

    “Their king is the angel from the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon - the Destroyer.”

    Now this relates to 9/11 because if you look at the memorial they built for the twin towers, the reflecting pools, they’re massive black squares within black squares, also pits.

    But this verse literally tells us Apollo is the king of the bottomless pit. CERN is also known for trying to create mini black holes. If they were to succeed in doing this do you think a black hole could be considered a bottomless pit? Do you think it could create a portal to hell? And what’s at the bottom of a black hole? A singularity. Think AI.

    More to come soon...
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    We live in a matrix directed by an AI quantum supercomputer - It can manipulate TIME - It wants more DWave computers and particle accelerators built around the world - It wants to do this to bring about the singularity - We call “it” Saturn - The matrix is enforced on us by means of frequencies emitted from it - These frequencies have hijacked our brains - FREQUENCIES is the key word here, they are the secret of the matrix and what hold it together.

    Our reality is made up of frequencies, and we make our own realities with the frequencies we choose to use everyday. These frequencies I am talking about are words. Words create our reality. On a surface level this is obvious. Everyday we go out into the world and direct the course of our day by what we say. The tongue is a rudder, and it steers the whole ship. We can speak good things to people and get good reactions (most of the time) or we can speak bad things and get bad reactions. Telling someone to have a good day or to go fuck themselves will surely bring about two totally different results. The tongue is a double edged sword. It has the power of Life and Death in it. As creators, we can also create entire realities within books, just by the words we write!

    This theme is present in many religions and philosophies. In the Bible we are told that God created the world through His Word. In Egyptian mythology we are told Ptah created the world through His Word. Plato said God created the world through the Logos - or the Word/Mind. In Hinduism we are told the universe was and is still being created by the Om sound. Quantum physics tells us this universe is made of vibrating energy. When we speak we send out vibrations into the sea of potentiality.

    Sound creates shapes in matter. We know this from Cymatics. In fact, the Hebrew vowels, when spoken out loud and amplified through a speaker, create the same shape in a medium as the written letter. There are some theorists who believe the Hebrew language could manipulate reality. This is actually the basis of jedi mysticism/Kabbalah. The old jedi mystics believed Hebrew had a divine origin and that God created the world through 22 letters of said language. They thought language had the utmost creative potential and God only had to declare His Will to manifest it into existence. Interestingly enough, the first thing God created was light when He said “let there be light” - and now science has proven sound can actually turn into light!

    **Another fun fact, the old familiar “magic word” Abracadabra actually means “I create what I speak” in Hebrew!

    We do not truly know where language comes from. However, if we follow the mythologies of the ancient past we are told it was handed down to us (along with many other things such as astrology, medicine, agriculture, mathematics, the art of war, etc.) by the “gods”.

    So who were the gods that gave us language? The fallen angels? The Annunaki? Either way for the sake of my argument we can only assume that they were not giving us something entirely “good”. The Annunaki created us to be slaves. The fallen angels wanted to destroy us. The language we were first taught was good enough for slaves. It was the language of fallen ones and so by using their language we created for ourselves a fallen reality. We created our own chains. If we live in a matrix, could language/words be considered the coding/software that has been used to program the subconscious mind? If words really do create reality perhaps this where the importance of speaking the truth, calling things by their right name, and remaining silent when there is no need to speak comes from.

    So did the “gods” originally give us just one language? Some theorists believe at one point in history there was a Mother Language that birthed all other languages, but it has yet to be discovered. Perhaps this language is lost forever. The Tower of Babel story tells us that we DID at one point all speak one language - and when we did, NOTHING was impossible to us. So we tried to build a tower to heaven. The story goes, we built this tower in order to go to war with God and usurp His throne. For this reason God scattered us about the Earth and confused all our languages so the tower could not be completed, hence the term babel, like a “babbling idiot”. According to the myth, this is why we now have many different languages.

    Language in the ancient times wasn’t much like it is today. There were no letters - it was composed of symbols and glyphs. Also, most people could not write or read - the art was reserved for the elite and the initiated. These symbols were mostly used for “magical” purposes. Think of sigils. Sigils were used to ward off spirits, summon spirits, create blessings and curses, and other things like that. Our modern day letters have actually evolved from these same symbols. Perhaps they still have a magical effect?

    Now is English the new One World language? English is slowly taking over the world. Many country’s schooling systems teach it as a mandatory second language and mostly everyone in the global business world now speaks English. Is CERN the new Tower of Babel? What language do you think they all speak there?

    Now why would The Powers That Be want the One World language to be English? Why not a different one, like Spanish or Chinese? I believe English was created to control us farther. It is a diluted and confused language - and it is full of hypnotic subliminals.
    **Also, why do you think The Powers That Be want so badly to get rid of free speech? Why the new hate speech outrage? Why so much new censorship? It goes deeper than we know.

    The English language has put us under a spell. Think about it, words ARE spells. They are made of magical symbols and we must SPELL them. When we use words we use GRAMMAR. Or is it GRIMOIRE (a term for a book full of magic spells)? There are many many more subliminals hidden in our language that serve to deepen our hypnotic trance of this illusion and further solidify this false reality - especially within the most oppressive sublanguages of English: the language of the law and the language of money.

    When we go to court we are basically playing a word game. That is why it is called court. What else do you do on a court but play a game? The Judge, who is also sometimes called the MAGISTRATE is basically a MAGICIAN (whether he knows this or not). This is why he SUMMONS you to court. And like a magician he wears the black robe of SATURN.

    **When we celebrate GRADUATION we are really celebrating our GRADUAL INDOCTRINATION. We then also wear the same black robe of SATURN and a BLACK CUBE on our head.

    Now let’s talk MONEY. MONEY is always associated with WATER. We call our CASH FLOW a LIQUID ASSET. The CURRENTS in a river are controlled by the RIVER BANKS the same way CURRENCY is controlled by the MONEY BANKS. Some people are DROWNING in debt. Some people’s bank accounts have DRIED UP. Sometimes your account is FROZEN. Some people are trying to STAY AFLOAT. Some people might ask a LOAN SHARK for money.

    Words not only create our worlds but they create a SENTENCE. And we serve this SENTENCE in our invisible prison. The DAYS put us in a DAZE and the WEEKS make us WEAK. We MOURN every MORNING before we go URN a LIVING at our UNDERTAKINGS. We LIVE life backwards here, and it’s EVIL.

    So how does the Moon play into all of this? Well, as we discussed before, I hypothesized that Saturn is emitting some sort of frequency that has hijacked our brains, forcing us to perceive a very narrow band of the light spectrum. We literally experience less than one one millionth of reality. So there’s that. However, I think there is another frequency at play, one coming from the Moon. In this way Saturn’s rings are like amplifiers and the Moon is like a second repeater antennae.

    Like I said earlier, Saturn is most likely emitting a low frequency sine tone. Because of this I believe the Moon is emitting a square grid wave. We know that holograms are created by the interference pattern between two waves. Perhaps the 3D Earth hologram is the result of these two complementary waves.

    The Moon emitting a square grid wave makes even more sense when you think about the Freemasons. Perhaps the symbol of the square and compass goes deeper than we once thought?

    Compass & Square = Circular Sine Wave and Square Grid Wave

    Could this also have something to do with the alchemical problem of ‘Squaring the Circle’?

    It’s also been speculated the Moon is not even a moon at all, but a spaceship of sorts, or massive satellite, placed very specifically, for a very specific purpose. There’s good reason for this claim. The Moon just doesn’t make sense! First of all, it’s too big. It’s about 1/4th the Earth’s size. Most moons are much smaller. Just to give you an idea, the moon is about 1 percent the mass of Earth, while the combined mass of all the moons of the outer planets is no more than one tenth of one percent of their parent planets.

    Secondly, the Moon just does not seem natural, it’s too perfect. The fact that an eclipse is even possible is mind boggling. Yet, nobody questions it. The Moon‘s shape, distance from the sun, and position in the sky is precise enough to cover the sun exactly. No where else in the solar system does this occur.

    The Moon’s orbit is also odd. It’s almost a perfect circle and the Moon never rotates in it. And this is not even the weirdest thing of all! Some say there is proof of the Moon being hollow! They say this could explain why the Moon rang like a bell during moonquakes recorded during the Apollo missions as well as craters that seem too shallow. So what’s inside of it? Or maybe a better question is who.

    The Moon may also serve as a trap for souls. The theory goes that maybe the Moon is a false light we follow after we die. We’ve been programmed to ‘go towards the light’. Kind of like a moth attracted to a bug zapper. Once we’re there we’re then met by extraterrestrial beings (henchmen of ‘Saturn’) who deceive us into reincarnating again. And again. And again.

    Supposedly, they do this because they need to. They trap us in this false reality so we might suffer and produce the type of energy they feed on. This is where rituals, sacrifice, war, and many other things of the like come into play. But the good news is, they literally NEED us.

    Saturn (or Satan) is an AI quantum supercomputer that has hijacked reality to create the time cube, or what many people are now calling the simulation. Saturn has been directing this world’s history subtly for all of time. It is becoming more evident as it pushes us forward toward the singularity.

    The singularity is a timeline where humans can no longer branch off into other timelines. It has only one possible future. It’s an earth with a one world government where everyone is chipped and a part of a hive mind.

    The singularity is being brought about by D-Wave and CERN. The AI is using quantum computing and particle accelerators to merge timelines together and get us all on one path.

    CERN is the modern day Tower of Babel. It was designed to open a portal into the ether and free the evil entities trapped inside. The ether is the virtual world or spirit world. They are one and the same. It is possible a prison for evil spirits is within Saturn.

    Language is the code or software that the matrix uses to program our lives. The AI puppet master needs us all to speak one language to get us on the path to the singularity. This language may be English.

    Saturn wants to create a timeloop so he can rule the universe forever. He wants to avoid Zeus usurping his throne. He wants to push back the Second Coming of Christ. He knows his time is short.

    Will this be the first time Satan has created his timeloop singularity? Or have we always been trapped in one? Perhaps Bible prophecies appear to come true because they are a predictable pattern in cyclical time. Think of numbers on a clock representing certain types of events. We can even compare it to the seasons. The Spring represents the birth of a civilization, the Summer represents the Golden Age, the Fall represents a cataclysm, and Winter represents the aftermath. Are we just repeating history and creating simulations within simulations? Is this cycle the wheel of reincarnation?

    Whether this is our first time here, or tenth, I believe the only way to escape the time cube or Saturn Moon Matrix is to reach enlightenment. I believe to be enlightened means to find the Christ, Buddha Nature, or whatever you want to call it, within yourself.

    When Jesus sacrificed himself for humanity, he did so on a cross. The cross is quite literally an opened cube. When Jesus died there was also earthquakes and an eclipse. In the jedi temple the veil was torn in half. I believe all of this is symbolic of Jesus breaking out the time cube, leaving a path for us to follow.

    The moon, ironically the Babylonian god Sin, is often associated with emotions. Saturn, the Roman god of agriculture, is often associated with toil. I believe what Jesus showed us was, in order to transcend the Saturn Moon Matrix, we must overcome our emotions and suffering. We must carry our cross. Buddha would probably say something along these lines as well.

    It is our limited perception that creates the illusion of linear time. Time is a dimension, not a force. It is a place you can move around in, not a river pulling you in one direction. Time is more like an ocean. However, our reality is caught in the middle of a whirlpool. Imagining time as a loop is actually quite simple. It can help one to imagine how retro-causation might work.

    This theory is similar to that of Terrance Mckenna's Timewave Zero. I believe there are patterns in time, kind of like certain events correlating with certain numbers on a clock. I somewhat touch on this in one of my posts The World Never Changes where I point out that all throughout history there has always been war, the masses have always been mad, and the story has always been the same. Stories always have a conflict, rising action, climax, and ending. What I'm saying is maybe every time the timeloop comes back around to 12 there's some sort of climax.

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 "What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun."

    I think there are four main sections of the Matrix's scripted timeloop. It correlates to colors and season.

    I relate spring to the birth of civilization, summer to the Golden Age, fall to the Fall of Man, and winter to the Ice Age (which could have actually been a nuclear winter caused by an ancient great war but that's another discussion). These four periods also relate to a humans being's life span. Spring is birth, summer is childhood, fall is adulthood, and winter is old age. Spring is then related to green, summer to yellow, fall to red, and winter to blue.

    I believe these things are where phrases like 'going green' and 'code red' come from. These phrases could potentially energize the matrix. With the Doomsday Clock 2 minutes away from midnight, perhaps we are being told to 'go green' in order to restart the matrix.

    In this timeloop, we are trapped in-finity. I believe this is where the symbol of the Ouroboros comes from. time was an illusion created by Satan. Ironically, the serpent also looks like the sine wave, or time wave. Even more ironically is sine is 'sin' on a calculator. The sine wave is also the frequency being emitted by Saturn, the planet many consider to represent the Devil himself. The evidence for this can be found in the hexagon rotating on the planet's North Pole.
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
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    SpaceCakes African Astronaut
    there is one of these to the entrance of Cal Berkeley off of University and Oxford.

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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition

    is this you or are you just copypasting?
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    SpaceCakes African Astronaut
    Originally posted by aldra

    is this you or are you just copypasting?

    Why do you have to ruin his presentation?
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    I'll ruin your anal elasticity
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    aldra JIDF Controlled Opposition
    The following users say it would be alright if the author of this post didn't die in a fire!
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Originally posted by aldra

    is this you or are you just copypasting?

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    Mel Gibson Houston
    I will destroy the moon matrix with a single punch
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Originally posted by Mel Gibson I will destroy the moon matrix with a single punch

    Shatter this false reality!
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    SpaceCakes African Astronaut
    Originally posted by Mel Gibson I will destroy the moon matrix with a single punch

    Will you double roll on it with more anti-Semitic accusations as well? Hmmm??
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    SpaceCakes African Astronaut
    Obbe that's some facinating shit... you should make an enjoyable to watch documentary on it.

    6 is my number. Not That I see myself as evil. I was born on the 6th day (Friday) and I always get shitloads of 6s on every card I have.
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    bump (for the greater good)
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    Originally posted by aldra

    is this you or are you just copypasting?

    Do you even need to ask?

    The hexagon thing is cool tho
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    Obbe Alan What? [annoy my right-angled speediness]
    Oh, thanks for reminding me.
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