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I don’t know of any american snooker players

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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    they must be really shit at it
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    Buff Billy Yung Blood
    I can't watch sports makes me too hot in the trousers
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    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood The state of that fucking cock nose would like to announce our first tourist and visitor to the national state park, Candyrein.

    Come visit yourself and enjoy the scenery and beauty of the natural features like nose hill, nose lake and nose creek.

    Originally posted by CandyRein
    Just left the state park …


    We would also like to announce the winners of the nosegay contest. Lily of the Valley, Hawaiian Baby Woodrose and Monkshood have become the national nosegay flowers of the State of That Fucking Cock Nose.

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Because we are a nation of peace I have decided that the national flower should be a bunch of flowers, also known as a 'Nosegay'

    What flowers should be part of this gay arrangement of flowers for delight of the cock nose? I'm thinking hydrogenas and some kind of morning glory

    Wicked clown drive around mothafucka running up ICP mothafucking bumping in my damn trunk
    whats you got to say bitch, what the fuck you gonna do, what the fuck you gotta say
    looking like your scooby doo. Fuck you cock nose i'll be goofy like the shit
    dont really give a fuck cuz you can't come lick my dick. Oh, once again fucking geeking
    on this shit. Mothafucking eyes all chink like the mothafucking Asian

    Originally posted by Wariat the thing is if i was to get naked while photographing them theyd feel more comfortable as they wouldnt be the only ones nude on a professional set and would admire such a bit cock theyve never seen probably in their lives of a real grown man.

    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal I doubt that's a very viable business.
    15+ is really old and there are thousands of sites available today where they can pimp themselves out.

    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal Pretty sure it's not illegal to have an attraction for young children.

    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal 12 years old isn't even that young.
    They're plenty ready for sex.

    Originally posted by Japan-Is-Eternal Something I want to do but won't because I am extremely hygienic is shit and piss myself at the same time.
    I want to stand there and let it all go, not worry about anything just free my bowels and soil myself.
    Of course I would do this in some pants and underwear I plan on throwing away.

    Anybody here into shitting themselves?

    Maybe I should try diapers but I think it wouldn't feel the same as shitting in normal clothing.

    Another thing.
    I want to shit and urinate on someone.
    BUT the feeling is not mutual, I don't want to be shat and pissed on.

    Originally posted by Hikikomori-Fujoshi >tfw no 7yo shota boy toy to fondle while playing ps2

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood The independent state of that fucking cock nose is a real life micro nation. Who wants to join our glorious state and become a that fucking cock nose nationalist.

    Originally posted by the man who put it in my hood Our cock nose strong and free 🐓 👃
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    Originally posted by Grylls they must be really shit at it

    Now you do. Pleased to meet you, can you guess my name?
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    Grylls Cum Looking Faggot [abrade this vocal tread-softly]
    Jiggaboo O’sullivan
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    Wi' a feather in my cap and a skip in my step.
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