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Vaporizing Methamphetamine in a glass bubble pipe is way more complex than Rocket Science.

  1. Ghost Black Hole
    To launch a rocket you simply need proper Aerodynamics to keep the bitch from flipping mid air, a large amount of thrust and a nice solid multi stage booster system to lift you out of Earths atmosphere in a few minutes. 3 Stages and some simple math to calculate the Delta V and orbit. Humans were literally launching shit into orbit before anyone ever got high on meth.

    To "smoke meth" which is actually vaporizing it in a glass bubble pipe you first need to inspect your fuel source (the tek)
    A proper hit is best achieved by knowing every property of the crystal you are about to melt, it helps to know its purity%,how it was made, if it's a sulfate or hcl salt, even the structural isomer is important to know, this affects the melting point and can throw it off by a lot.

    Also there is much debate into what to use to melt/smoke the shit. Candles are only good for melting the stuff in stems but should never touch the bubble, soot is not good for the pipe even though you can just wipe it off if you do get soot somehow the pipe might need to be cashed (outside) cleaned with hot acetone or possibly even discarded.

    Pipes are easily ruined from burnt shit, contaminants, dust, hair. If you use any marijuana paraphanalia on a tek pipe it crates a horrible mess and ruins the pipe, even one pin head sized glob of resin can render the finest glass dick useless. Stems should also be taken care of and lot allowed to get totally fucked up like this girl has!

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